My TV Viewing Habits

There are certain nights, like tonight for instance, where there are just too many great shows on television. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, PRISON BREAK, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, HEROES, and STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP to name a few.

On nights like tonight, I like to judge how well a show is doing (creatively) by thinking of the order in which I’m going to watch the shows. For example, tonight I’ll be watching in this order:

8PM HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (The funniest sitcom on TV)
9PM HEROES (Reminiscent of LOST’s first season – engrossing)
10PM STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP (I love Aaron Sorkin)

PRISON BREAK and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE will be PVR’d for later in the week.

Thursdays are also complicated with UGLY BETTY, THE OC, THE OFFICE, GREY’S ANATOMY, SHARK, SMALLVILLE and not to mention the upcoming arrivals of SCRUBS and 30 ROCK.

My order for last Thursday was:

10PM THE OC (PVR’d from earlier)

With UGLY BETTY, SMALLVILLE, and SHARK being watched over the weekend.

Oddly enough though, each week I find my viewing order changes based on what I’m most excited for. For instance, when 30 ROCK and SCRUBS moves to Thursday, the shows may bump GREY’S ANATOMY to later.

So yes, I realize that this post has no real point. I just thought it is an interesting observation on one TV Addict’s viewing habits. Feel free to share your own TV orders below!

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  • Rae

    First, have to say I *love* the new header!

    Second, I love this post. I think about this a lot during the week and I’ve found that my viewing order is sometimes based on how quickly I can catch up on a show I’ve TiVO’d. For instance, tonight I’ll watch Prison Break when I’m really more interested in watching How I Met Your Mother because I can breeze through that show quickly, either after my other shows have aired tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Plus, it’s a nice quick afternoon treat after work on Tuesdays.

  • Jenny

    See, my viewing is NEVER in order of preference. For example, I can rarely watch things live. With an 8 year old in the house that needs to get ready for bed at 8pm (9/8c), that scraps anything before like 9pm my time. I can watch Amazing Race & EMHE live (he likes them both), and Dancing with the Stars occasionally. But most stuff is just not watchable with him awake. And I’d rather spend time with him, cooking & eating dinner & reading, etc than making him play upstairs all night so I can watch tv.

    So EVERYTHING at our house gets DVRd. lol Now, I tend to watch some stuff faster than others. Reality tends to get watched ASAP so I’m not spoiled about it. On Mondays, Prison Break usually beats out Heroes for watching first (if we get to it then). My hubby is busy so the few shows we watch together may not be watched the same night they air. Bones & NCIS are usually the exception to that. Fridays I usually watch Ghost Whisperer & Close to Home after Josh goes to bed that night, cause I love them so.

    Everything else is a toss up. Monday CBS comedies are usually pretty quick on Monday nights, Standoff, House & VM as well on Tuesday. But… *shrug*

  • Sam

    I have a much simplier appoach that I’ve been doing since before I got my Tivo: I tape what I would mind watching later. For example I (shamefully) watch One Tree Hill ‘live’ because it’s not of Veronica Mars or LOST calibur and I wouldn’t be able to make myself find the time to watch it later.

    Basically I watch the ‘worse’ shows live and the better ones on Tivo.

  • Sam – I officially dropped OTH this year. It’s just too ridiculous

    Jenny – Usually I’ll press pause on the PVR and wait for 18 minutes so I can watch the hour long shows without commercials! (pause 7 minutes for half hour comedies)

  • Sam

    Yeah, OTH is like a bad car wreck for me now. I’ll watch it until it most likely ends with this season.

    I never really tried waiting a few minutes to watch a live show without commercials tvaddict (my mom does it all the time with her soaps) I guess I’ll have to try it now so thanks for putting that idea in my head!

  • Todd W in NC

    Thursday is the big night for me. It’s packed with six shows that I watch. They are:

    Ugly Betty
    The O.C.
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Six Degrees (was) / Men In Trees (will be)

    Thanks to dual-tuner TiVo, I don’t have to miss any of them. The weird thing is, despite a night packed with six shows, none of them are near the top of my favorite list (at least not until Men In Trees moves into the 10:00 slot later in November). Survivor is more of a tradition than must-see TV, Ugly Betty is pretty good, The O.C. is wavering in quality, I like Grey’s Anatomy (but not as much as everyone else), Shark is growing on me (but slowly), and I’m probably the only person watching Six Degrees.

    Sunday only has 2 shows that I watch, Monday 3 (not counting Justice, since it’s new to Mondays, not that great, and is already pulled off-air for a while), Tuesday 4, Wednesday 3 (not counting South Park), and around 2 to 4 on Friday (Vanished after its move, Men In Trees before its move, and either Battlestar Galactica or the two Stargates, depending on which cycle Sci-Fi Channel is in).

    I’ve gotten to the point I only watch “live” TV on weekends and that’s usually repeats of Mythbusters or History Channel documentaries for background noise. I use TiVo to race through all the commercials of my regular prime time shows.