Random TV Tidbits: My TV Weekend

Something incredibly unexpected happened this weekend. I found myself laughing out loud, not once, but twice while watching TV. A rare occurrence indeed considering television comedies have all but vanished off the network schedule.

First off, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE hosted by Alec Baldwin. Much like he does on NBC’s 30 ROCK, Baldwin completely stole the show and injected new life into the late night institution that has fallen off it’s pedestal. His battle of wits with Steve Martin was brilliant and his ‘Saddam Hussein’ sketch was spot on — Loved his line when accused of torturing his people “Spoiler Alert, I Did It!”

The second show that made me laugh was Sunday’s episode of THE SIMPSONS. I’m not sure why, but the scene with Lisa throwing blood (on behalf of PETA) on Krusty’s fur was laugh-out-loud funny. I literally couldn’t stop chuckling as Krusty re-dressed himself with a panda-hooded jacket and monkey head gloves.

On more of a depressing note, this weekend’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was another uplifting installment (note sarcasm) as Admiral Adama and President Rosalin debate whether or not to wipe out the entire Cylon race with a biological weapon. An interesting episode, but most definitely the worst of the season. The reason: zero suspense. Obviously the Cylons weren’t going to be wiped out, as without them, there’s no show.

Of course even the ‘worst’ episode of BATTLESTAR is one of the best hours of television and this week’s episode was no exception. It was quite surprising to see how quickly Roslin decided to essentially wipe the Cylon’s off the face of the earth (or space as it were) and how apprehensive Adama was about the situation. That’s the beauty of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — just when you think you’ve got a character figured out, they manage to surprise you. Take Cylon Sharon for instance. I never expected her to approve of the genocide that would wipe out her own race.

And finally, while on the subject of Cylon Sharon (I know I should remember her call sign, but for the life of me I can’t). Am I the only one who thought that when she attached herself to the Cylon data stream (on the Cylon base star), she would discover that her baby was alive. Wouldn’t the first ever Human/Cylon hybrid be ‘big news’ in the world of the Cylons? I keep waiting for her to turn on Adama and Galactica, but if anything, her actions this week further proved her loyalty to Adama. Of course this could all be part of her plan. Needless to say, count me among the many Galactica crew members who may never fully trust Cylon Sharon.

  • Athena.

  • concernedcitizen

    ahh tim g. you beat me to it. i was all excited that i knew one small shred of trivia about battlestar that the tv addict didn’t know – when will this happen again?!?!

  • theTodd

    Off topic (sorta), but am I crazy or wasn’t Tigh’s wife a Cylon? And Jammer? Just wondering if anyone else remembers that.

  • Todd W in NC

    Not necessarily.

    Saul Tigh’s wife Ellen was providing “services” to the Brother Cavil model of Cylon in exchange for information and favors, including the eventual release of Saul from detention.

    Jammer was just working within the human security force organized by the Cylons. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of humans working in that force. I believe they were probably all human.

    Neither Ellen nor Jammer were conclusively Cylons. However, we don’t know who the other five models are, so it could be anybody. At this point, it wouldn’t totally surprise me if Adama or Roslin is a Cylon (although those would be the more extreme cases among the possibilities).

    I don’t think that the human-looking Cylon model that is integrated with the basestars are one of the 12 main models. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I’m thinking the “12” models are the ones who get to roam around and have a life. The Cylon ship pilots are probably lesser models that may look human but are used more as tools, like the Centurions.

  • theTodd

    If you remember, Baltar tested Ellen with his “Cylon Test” and it tested positive (just like Sharon did). Also as with Sharon, Baltar did not tell anyone because he feared reprisal. I’m just wondering if the writers will visit that again.

    As for Jammer… I was referring to how he was standing right next to the suidice bomber in the beginning of this season right before the bomb went off. Then later in another scene, he just kind of walks out from behind a tent.

    Anyone else remember this?

  • Dear theTodd,

    It was my recollection that Baltar never actually made a working “Cylon Test”… he just faked it to prove his worth to Adama and Roslin. I may be wrong though. I also really don’t think Jammer was a cylon.

  • concernedcitizen

    nope baltar did make a working “cylon test” – remember how he discovered boomer was in fact a cylon but immediately covered it up for fear she’d snap and kill him? as for ellen – baltar never did run the test on her as he was too busy getting busy with chip six to waste time actually conducting the test.

  • marmalade

    I was thinking it would have been interesting for someone to suggest that the virus be released throughout the Galactica and the rest of the fleet, thus weeding out any possible undercover cylons. but I suppose that would prevent some future surprises from happening, no?