HEROES: I’m Hooked

Am I the only television fan who groans whenever a show uses the dream or vision device as a plot element? To me it’s generally a sign of a last resort, with the writers essentially admitting that they couldn’t come up with a better idea to move the story along. We get it, Mohinder has to come to the realization that his father’s research was genuine. Obviously his death wasn’t an accident. Mohinder, you’re a smart professor for peet-sake. Figure it out.

That said, for the first time, I found myself really enjoying Hiro’s story-line. His Japanese lesson with the adorable (super-genius) waitress was tons of fun. And her death, while not unexpected, was definitely a lot quicker than I thought it would be. Of course now that Hiro has jumped back in time, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her again. More importantly, what repercussions will Hiro’s time-travelling have for the present. I’ve always been a proponent of the theory that Hiro time-travelling is never a good thing and he’ll no doubt mess something up that causes a little problem, say the end of the world or something along those lines!

Mr. Horn-Rim Glasses returned, and this time, with somewhat of an explanation for his actions. Kudos to the writers for giving us a little information, while of course ensuring that HRG’s motives are not exactly clear. I maintain that HRG is a good guy, with the caveat that he’ll do anything — including what some may consider ‘evil’ things — to ensure his daughter’s safety. That said, in last night’s episode, he had his trusty right hand man, sorry, woman at his side to convince Isaac to go on a little drug-induced painting trip. What exactly are Eden’s powers? Does she not come across as the type of woman who can get men to do whatever she wants. How she does it, I’ll leave that to your imagination and just conclude by saying that next week’s episode looks fantastic. Proving once again that the true super-powers belong to the NBC promo department. They are capable of ensuring I sit by my TV every Monday at 9PM in the hopes of seeing something remarkable…. they’ve completely brainwashed me…. save the cheerleader… save the world….

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  • I love Heroes. They had me at Hello in the pilot. But last night’s episode, when I realized Sylar was sitting there watching Hiro and the Waitress, I got chills. I love the way the storylines are progressing and I am DYING for next Monday to get here. And now we’re counting down the last three episodes until we get to the holiday hiatus. Oy and oy and oy again!

  • Todd W in NC

    Since we only see Sylar in hoods and shadows, I think he might be someone we know already. I can’t help but wonder if one of our regular characters *is* Sylar.

    If that’s true, and he can be in more than one place at once, maybe he has a teleporation or time-traveling ability like Hiro, or maybe he can make duplicates of himself. He could be a duplicate or a future version of someone we typically know as a good guy.

    If Mr. Bennett (HRG) is not Sylar, one our “heroes” might be. Or, maybe it’s Mohinder (or his friend in India, or his dad faking his death). Who knows.

  • Definitely count me in as a viewer who thinks Mohinder’s father is indeed alive. We’ve all seen ALIAS… it’s the final shot of the season… “Father… you’re alive…”

  • Liz

    You know, I go back and forth on Glasses Man being evil. They really seemed to paint him in a different light last night, but the “previously on” narration called him “the face of evil,” didn’t it? Was that just a fake-out, or was it a giveaway? Hmm…

  • I’m interested to see why Sylar is doing what he’s doing. I know who is playing him (so much for staying spoiler free) and I have to say I’m not sure I’m convinced it works, so I’m excited to see the route they take with this character – I don’t want to give it away, because I think it’ll be an awesome reveal.

  • Sam

    Amrie I’ve heard rumors (unfortunately) about who might be playing Sylar as well. I hope I’m wrong, not because I don’t like the person but because I don’t want to know beforehand.

    Las nights episode was among the top three for me out of all so far. I agree tvaddict that the promo people need some kind of recognition. Those guys and the people who do the LOST promos deserve SOMETHING.

  • Dreams are basically lazy writing. Love Heroes but I find too many times they fall back on lazy devices or lazy dialogue (other than Save the Cheerleader Save the World, has there been any quotable lines in this thing?). Still, I’m excited about whats coming up next on this show.

  • Jesse

    I absolutely hated the pilot for heroes, i didnt get why people loved it so much, the acting, writing, editing it all sucked but because its totally the type of show i should like i gave it some time to find its feet. Glad i did because this show has grown leaps and bounds since its premier. the story has become much more layed and intricate, and the acting and writing have also done a 180. I find myself really digging Ali Larter who i thought was one of the weakest links in the premier, i love the story and dynamics of her family, and i am in love with her husband, who i cant remember the actors name lol but i know him as Forrest from Buffy. Kudos and next week looks fraktastic, like its gonna be better than most feature length action pics. color me excited

  • Jesse

    ps. is anyone else intrigued by the cast photo. It includes the art gallery girl, besides her the only characters in photo happen to be ones with special abilities does anyone think this is a clue that maybe she is hiding something or will be finding herself with a power soon?

  • Ash

    I know everyone is bashing on this episode for having dream/flashback sequences. But is it possible that Mohinder has some kind of ability to see the past? Not that I’m sure how that would benefit someone.

  • Ash, I sort of was thinking along the same lines that there is a possibility that these ‘dreams’ were actually some what of a super power for Mohinder. If Mohinder’s dead sister had a super power, it’s probably not a stretch to think he has one as well.

  • Erica

    Haven’t the producers said that Simone definitely does not and will not have powers? Anyway, I hope she does and gets sylared because she has zero chemistry with any of the main cast.

  • jason

    I missed last weeks episode. Does anyone know what the title was? I’d like to see if it’s going to reair.