DAY BREAK Premieres, Will You Watch?

taye diggs

If you’ve watched a show on ABC this month, odds are you’ve come across one of the millions of promos that the network ran for its newest show DAY BREAK. Premiering tonight in place of LOST the show features Detective Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) as he’s forced to relive the same day over and over until he can right what went wrong. The ‘wrong’ being the fact that he’s been accused of killing a district attorney. While I’m going to PVR the premiere, I haven’t decided if I’m ready to dedicate 13 weeks to yet another serialized drama — are you?

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  • starbase135

    I will watch the 2-hour-premiere of Medium while recording Day Break. Personally, I watch so many shows so that there is actually no space for a new drama. That’s why I won’t be very patient with Day Break…either the show rocks and I continue to watch or it sucks and gets pulled from my “schedule”.

  • I think I’m going to TiVo it purely for the fact that Adam Baldwin is a principle cast member!! Any show that brings Jayne back to TV, however permanently or impermanently it may be, I’m there! I might not watch it until this weekend, but at least I’ll put in a little effort to record it…unlike my having forgotten to record 3Lbs last night…did I miss anything good?

  • Ohhhhh damn I ready!

  • I could not care less about this show. maybe it’s because the endless commercials basically indicate to me that I know everything I need to know until perhaps the season finale, when they’ll no doubt solve the main mystery and set another in motion. Then again, I felt the same way about Prison Break when it premiered… obviously, there were only two ways the first season could end: They break out or they don’t. But man, it was a hell of a ride. But with my plate as crowded as it is, I’m afraid this show just isn’t going to make the cut. Unless you tell me it’s the most amazing thing since Battlestar… then, maybe…

  • I’m definitely going to watch it. I like Taye Diggs and think the premise is interesting and am hopeful that it will present an entire story over its 13 episodes unlike the show that normally occupies this time slot. I couldn’t care less about Medium, CSI or anything else that is on at this time so I’m in.
    Amrie, skip 3LBS. I’m a huge Stanley Tucci fan from his Murder One days and he’s great but the dialogue in this show was truly some of the hokiest I’ve seen on TV.

  • It was great. don’t you think?

  • Dee

    I think this show is a fresh and truly innovative one. We needed something to break the monotony.
    I absolutely loved it, and personally I am quite shocked if some people disagree, I really don’t see what more it can offer. Sure Lost is the best, but I’d put Day Break up there in the top 5, no question.