FOX Airs OJ Simpson Shocker!

In a stunning development, word leaked out Tuesday afternoon that FOX – the network which brought us such high-brow entertainment as MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN and the unforgettabe WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE? – will later this month broadcast a special in which O.J. Simpson details exactly how he would have committed the 1994 murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her pal, Ron Goldman.

Not coincidentally, the interview – reportedly scheduled to air on November 27th and 29th – is being conducted by Judith Regan, aka the woman whose publishing house will be releasing Simpson’s book, “If I Did It, Here’s How It happened” at the end of the month. Also not coincidentally, the two-part event which is almost certain to garner blockbuster ratings will air on the final two days of the all-important sweeps period.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simpson’s tome “hypothetically describes” how he would have committed the murders. In 1995, America was enthralled by what was called “the trial of the century” as Simpson stood charged with the murders. He was acquitted, only to have a civil court find him responsible for the slayings in 1997.

Seriously folks, as crazy as this sounds, it’s completely true. Not in a million years could I have concocted such a story! Only FOX could dream up something like this. Sadly, the network that gave us JOE MILLIONAIRE no doubt has a huge hit on their hands. What’s next? A reality show for OJ — OJ: THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL KILLERS (essentially one really long episode of COPS)

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  • This is positively disgusting. And yet I, like millions of others, have no doubt that I’ll be tuning in. Curiosity killed the cat as surely as OJ killed his wife… and it’ll surely provide Fox with astronomical ratings. How can it not? So yes, I’ll be watching… but I won’t be proud!

  • Common Sense

    FOX has sunk to an all-new low, even for them. Really, are they THAT desperate that it’s necessary to give a double-murderer carte blanche for two nights of theatrics? I hope there is such an outcry from the public that advertisers avoid this like the plague, and decide they don’t want to be in business with that network AT ALL. This is just morally and ethically wrong, completely tasteless. Hey OJ, if this garbage makes the airwaves, hope your kids are watching so they can hear just how you destroyed their lives! Peaceful dreams!!

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  • Liz

    You’d better be careful…I could totally see FOX stealing that “Search for the real killers” idea away from you.

  • Thanks Liz, I really should trademark that asap. Or another idea…. each week a new ‘celebrity’ will confess how he may have ‘hypothetically’ did something.

    For instance. Next Week…

    PETE ROSE talks about how he would ‘hypothetically’ bet on baseball had he bet on baseball.

  • Linda B.

    I just hope no one buys the book (unfortunately that is wishful thinking). If it does become a best seller and make tons of money, does that mean OJ will finally start paying the Goldman family what the courts say he’s supposed to?

  • christine

    i think it is major bull that he wasn’t guilty in the first place…..everyone knows that he cut off his wife’s head…OMG who cut’s off the’ir wife’s head???
    OJ just doesn’t know what’s coming for him…..
    can u say this on ur podcast…;

  • Dave

    I suggest anyone as disgusted with this as I am permanently lock-out Fox channel if they go through with this. Drop a line to both the national Fox office and your local affiliate and tell them your plan. This is what I have done. They need to know there is a line that cannot be crossed without a price.

  • O.J.

    Everyone is complaining about my hypothetical confession yet those that complain the most will have the biggest tub of popcorn and the best seat in the house. Lets face it, I can drag this thing forever and you will follow just as you followed my drive down the 405 in my Bronco.

  • Julie

    OJ….just keep hangin with the gangsta boys….to them you are a glorified killer in high regard. To me and the rest of the world, your still just pathetic and sad. No one cares about what you think, no one wants your “hypothetical” details of how you “would have” killed them. You’re a liar and a killer and we know you did…..get over yourself! Your day is coming….

  • O.J.

    ahhh whatever its ok because in the end it was all broken glass…

  • Billy Chuckfist

    The Official OJ Simpson If I Did It This is How Leaked Fox Kids Network Special Presentation is now on YouTube