Random TV Tidbits

I’m so behind on my TV watching lately. GILMORE GIRLS, PRISON BREAK, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS are all taking up space on my PVR. I’m actually somewhat happy there is practically nothing new on TV tonight (since I’ve pledged to give up ONE TREE HILL). It will give me a nice opportunity to catch up.

I think BROTHERS & SISTERS is officially my favourite new show. While it would have been great to see Michael Vartan back on TV, Rob Lowe will no doubt to a fantastic job as Ally Mc… sorry, Kitty Walker’s latest conquest.

More SCRUBS scoop. In yesterday’s interview, Bill Lawrence let it spill that Masi Oka, better known around these parts as Hiro on NBC’s HEROES will reprise his role on the show as Franklyn (a worker in the blood lab). Bill also hopes to bring back Scott Foley, Tom Cavanagh and Cheryl Hines.

Speaking of HEROES, I think until LOST returns, I’ll start Live Blogging during HEROES episodes on Mondays at 9PM est. Thoughts anyone?

I have a new television obsession which I’ll reveal later in the week. Here’s a clue. The show takes place in a state that has very close ties to the current President of the United States.

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  • Sam

    Your live blog for LOST is fun but I watch Heroes with my bro every week while eating Wingstop BBQ, which we’ve been doing since the show premeired every Monday so I know I wouldn’t be around.

    I have a guess as to what that obsession-show is but I don’t want to risk being wrong and looking like an idiot, lol. So I’ll keep it to myself until you tell us (you are going to tell us right?)

  • Ash

    So is your new obsession Friday Night Lights? I’ve never seen it but I think it’s set in Texas.

  • Kate

    I love love love Brothers & Sisters. Comparing it with another show boasting “big” names– Studio 60 — I feel like the writers and producers of B&S really get the character (and actor) dynamics right. Also, it fills my Sunday night/Grey’s Anatomy void. Great news all around.

  • Gary

    YES for Live Blogging for HEROES!

  • Ash – Incorrect Guess! Too obvious, but thanks for playing!

  • uh. Battlestar Galactica?

    As for FNL, that tops this years new shows but Brothers and Sisters is getting awfully close as my new favorite of the year! Kate’s totally right about them getting the dynamics of each character from a huge group of actors and putting it to good dramatic use.

  • Common Sense

    Why not live-blog King of Queens…and everybody take a sip each time Jerry Stiller screams some insane remark? You’d all be drunk.

    Glad to see that DayBreak failed miserably in last night’s ratings, declining by a huge amount from start to finish. ABC should stop the nonsense, and simply start earlier in their Production Season to produce MORE episodes of the show we ALL want to see—and are there for every week—LOST! Seriously, what the frakin’ Shat is wrong with producing 30 episodes (instead of 22) of a series there is a high-demand for?? Stop wasting your time on new ventures NO ONE wants (i.e. The Nine, Daybreak, Six Degrees, etc), ABC. Play your trump card for an extended season!!!

  • Sam

    I wholeheartedly agree with you CS although I do have somewhat of a passing interest in The Nine.

    I mean, the obvious reasons why we dont get more boils down to cost but I’d think a show with 16+ million viewers every week would be enough to justify the costs (since that’s all a network cares about anyway is ratings, quality be damned.)