I Love Showtime: Dexter, Weeds & Sleeper Cell

HBO watch your backs. SHOWTIME is definitely stealing your spotlight and gaining the attention of this TV Addict.

Thanks to some dreadful/gloomy/rainy weather, I recently was stuck inside on a Saturday and decided to give DEXTER a try. After fifteen minutes of Showtime’s newest killer series, I was hooked! DEXTER revolves around Dexter Morgan, a respected police officer who in his free time channels his gruesome homicidal tendencies by killing villains who have literally gotten away with murder. Michael C. Hall (SIX FEET UNDER) stars as Dexter and does a brilliant job of making me sympathize with a serial killer. While I’m not exactly sure what that says about me, I have to say that DEXTER is the most engrossing new series I’ve seen all fall. I can’t wait for TMN (on Demand) to release further episodes (as I’ve only seen the first six).

And before I move on, a quick theory if I may (I’m a few episodes behind, so please don’t spoil anything for me in the comments!). Would it not be incredible if the ice truck killer (and Dexter’s rival) was his sister? Episode six did a fantastic job of illustrating in a flashback how left out Debra (Dex’s sister) felt when it came to Dexter’s special relationship with their father. Nobody knows more (or anything) about Dexter’s true nature than Deb, so my money’s on Debra.

Continuing with the Showtime theme was last night’s season finale of WEEDS (up here in Canada we’re two weeks behind!). All I can say is WHAT AN ENDING! How on earth is Lacy LaPlante (Nancy Botwin) going to get herself out of this little jam. Also, is Silas not the dumbest kid on the planet? I honestly was hoping he was the big ‘rumoured’ death in the finale — I can’t stand how self-centred and moronic he is.

Finally, the second season of SLEEPER CELL premieres this December. To show us how excited they are about the upcoming season, Showtime blew up a car. Check it out below!

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  • Gotta say, I LOVED Weeds’ finale. I waited to say anything because I knew you were behind, but MAN, did it rock or what? THAT’S how a cliffhanger is done, people!

  • I too love Dexter and Weeds. I’m also looking forward to a pilot that Showtime is developing called “Manchild” based on a show from the UK. It has John Corbett, James Purefoy and KEVIN SMITH! Sounds really funny too.

  • gsus

    Holy jumping Christian Bale! I nearly wet myself as I scrolled down to see Dexter mentioned on The TV Addict 🙂 and then weeds. Oh man TV Addict maybe I spoke to soon in my last harsh comment.

    I must say I don’t watch Weeds on showcase though, being behind pisses me off so much I just stick with the torrents. It’s a shame TMN couldn’t have gotten Weeds. And I agree Silas is hella annoying and very self centred.

    Hmmm perhaps the dreadful/gloomy/rainy weather should continue if it can get you to post more about these beloved shows of mine.

  • Homer

    I like Sleeper Cell the best of those 3 shows. Trying to find out how many people are entering that online contest they’re running at ziddio where they ask you to submit a Candid Camera type video. I’m planning on sending in a routine where I pretend to be a single father of 12 in a toy store. Hoping there isn’t much competition.