We all knew it was coming, it’s been talked about for months, and last night I finally got around to watching the big GILMORE GIRLS shocker ‘French Twist.’ You know, that little episode where Lu.. sorry Christopher and Lorelai tied the knot in Paris (honestly, the words ‘Luke’ and ‘Lorelai’ flow so much better on the page!).

One problem though — the show is ruined until February. They’re married, it’s done, the whirlwind romance is over. What’s really left for Lorelai and Chris? Absolutely nothing. Viewers will now have to endure a crumbling marriage until February sweeps, where Lorelai will inevitably realize that her impromptu marriage was an enormous mistake and that Luke is really her true love. How many more episodes until February?

On the Lane and Zac front, I have to say I’m surprised by how much I enjoy their relationship (Lorelai and Rory take notes). That said, I’m flabergasted by the stupidity of these two. I don’t know much about raising a child, but can you really support twins on a waitress/band member salary? And why is Mrs. Kim so supportive, what happened to Lane going to college? Of course Lorelai did raise Rory while working as a maid in the Indepenance Inn, and look how that turned out. Pregnant woman take note, Stars Hollow seems like a really supportive town to raise your single family!

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  • Tonya

    Love GG! I am in the minority but I like where this season is going and I really like Lor and Chris together. I found her and Luke to be monotonous and stale, whereas her and Chris’s relationship is a “first love” –which is always nice to see. I hope they can make it work, especially since it’s probably the last season…

  • Tonya, It’s not that I have anything against Lor and Chris, I just think their relationship isn’t built to last (and won’t)…. so we’re just killing time until the inevitable Luke/Lorelai Reunion.

  • Todd W in NC

    So far, this week has had at least four laugh-out-loud moments. Oddly enough, two of them were in the last five minutes of the usually unfunny Studio 60 (although I already forgot what one of those moments was), but the other two came form Tuesday’s Gilmore Girls.

    One was when Zack, afraid of Mrs. Kim’s wrath over the news that he and Lane were pregnant with twins, said, “Hit me! Hit me! It’s not her fault.” The other was when we find out what happened to Brian upon Mrs. Kim moving in with Lane & Zack. Brian now gets to live in the Kim house and mingle with Lane’s Korean relatives.

    The Lorelai and Christopher stuff was painful at times. Like everyone else, I knew what was coming and just wanted it over with. It is impossible to deny a chemistry between Chris and Lorelai, considering their shared history and their comfort with one another. I just can’t make up my mind whether that chemistry works in a romantic way.

    Did anyone else notice that Chris & Lorelai said “I love you” to each other at least twice each? It took until season six to hear Luke & Lorelai say that to each other, and that was more than a year after they finally started dating. There’s no doubt Chris & Lorelai love each other, but I’m not sure they should in a romantic way. Because he’s loaded with money, Chris can dress up any date or vacation as being extremely romantic, but in the end, can these two live together and get along with each other day after normal day?

    Overall, I’m more pleased with the direction the writing is taking this season compared to last season, and I don’t envy David Rosenthal for inheriting the last year’s horrible storylines. However, moving past season six’s painful finale by allowing Chris & Lorelai to actually get married before the inevitable turnaround back to Luke is excruciated to watch and may be going too far. I don’t even dislike Chris, nor do I think they make a bad couple. They’re just not the couple I want to see together. I agree with TheTVAddict; they’re just killing time.

    Lastly, is it just me or is much of the fast-paced Lorelai dialogue from the last few episodes finally starting to get a little annoying. You can’t like this show and not like the fast-paced chatter, but some of the lines Lorelai has had lately have been lower on wit, humor, wryness, and insightfulness than usual. Sometimes it feels like someone is practicing writing lines of fast dialogue instead of writing dialogue we want to hear, but the practice lines are making it in the show anyway.

    I guess we wouldn’t be TV addicts if we didn’t complain and nitpick, so just to clarify, I still like season seven more than season six, so far, and I’m sticking with it and will continue to have high hopes for the remainder of the season and maybe even one more year of GG.

  • Hey Todd,

    Great points all around. I too agree, Lorelai and Chris’ chemisty is great. The thing that bothers me is that he is just an obstacle for Lorelai and Luke’s inevitable happy ending – An obstacle that’s been used far too many times on the show.

    LOVED Lane and Zac’s story-line. Who knew they would be the highlight of the season so far!

  • Sorry, but Gilmore Girls is just ruined for me this year. For Lorelai to just waltz around as if Luke wasn’t an important factor in her life is hideous. Lane married and pregnant? I almost wish I’d stopped watching before Luke & Lorelai broke up. At this point, they’ve SO ruined these two characters that I don’t care if they get together or not. Before, they were perfect for one another. Now, it just seems as if they show twisted them into caricatures of their former selves in order to come up with ways to keep them apart. It’s character assassination, that’s what it is.

    Oh, by the way, GREAT job on the “Don’t blame Veronia” banner. You do some amazing stuff with those!

  • Hillary

    ” but can you really support twins on a waitress/band member salary?”

    Erm.. Zach actually has a job as well…. And thats band salary x 2, which could actually be alot.

  • Miss london

    I think Lauralai and Chris are great together. It was lukes fault, and he clearly wasn’t ready for a commitment, and it wasn’t fair to exclude lauralai, givnign your child priority is one thing ( I am all for that), but the time when your child is not there you need to make your partner feel important. I mean COME ON Logan had to give Luke a gift for lauralia’s valentines gift (how lame is that) then all of a sudden he was having a great time and Logan was his best mate. Lauralai deserved better. At this stage when Rory is no longer in NEED of her so much she needs someone to prioritize her and include her in their life.