Monday’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER continues the show’s streak of incredible (and original) second season episodes. Curious about Robin’s distaste for shopping malls, Barney does some digging and discovers her hidden past. When he unveils the embarrassing truth to the gang, they cannot believe what they see and hear Robin doing and are provided with endless hours of amusement from their new discovery about her teenage years. Entertainment Weekly talked to the brains behind HIMYM and they had this to say about Robin’s big secret:

”We knew [Robin] was from Canada,” explains Mother co-creator and co-showrunner Craig Thomas, ”and we also [thought] that in 2006, there’s an embarrassing piece of footage for everybody. We stumbled upon the idea that what if [Robin] was Alanis Morissette if Alanis Morissette’s career had ended [during her] Canadian teen pop phase?”

A shout out to Canada and Alanis Morissette — What more could this (Canadian) TV Addict want! To meet Robin’s alter-ego Robin Sparkles, check out her MySpace Page and be sure to tune into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on CBS at 8PM Monday.

The Video that made Robin Famous

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