Random TV Tidbits for Friday

According to USAToday, Rob Lowe regrets passing on the McDreamy role. First off, I had no idea Rob Lowe passed on McDreamy, secondly, payback’s a b*tch. Finally Rob Lowe got a little karmic payback for leaving THE WEST WING high and dry.

VERONICA MARS has almost scored a full season pick-up. Great news for fans of Neptune’s hottest detective. But better news for fans of quality television. Hopefully the new CW has learned its lesson from the EVERWOOD debacle. And in case you’re counting, it’s been seven months since EVERWOOD’S abrupt cancellation, yup still bitter.

WEEDS has been picked up for a third season by Showtime. With WEEDS, DEXTER and SLEEPER CELL all on the schedule, the TV Addict is prepared to call Showtime the new HBO.

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  • Great news, indeed!! There you go, Verónica. Now, let’s really hope The CW has learned the lesson from the cancellation of Everwood. 7th Heaven should’ve been axed in its place.

  • Common Sense

    As Pres. Reagan would say, “Now there you go again…” Ha ha. I’m waiting for the Camdens’ next installment of “Cookies and Milk.” You know that storyline is so much richer than any of the angst and intelligent drama happening in Everwood. Right?

  • Liz

    Wow, it’s seven months already? Who knew time could fly so fast whilst I was busy being so, so bitter…. Although, and I never in a million years thought this would happen, but Brothers & Sisters is my new fave show! I have a fave show again!!

  • TeenieBopper

    I’m pretty sure they got what was coming to them when the 11th season of 7th Heaven bombed. Serves ’em right, too. It’s like a “buy high, sell low” situation for the CW. I’m glad. How in the hell did they justify keeping 7th Heaven and One Tree Hill (c’mon, even ifyou actually enjoy the show, last season was terrible) and yet they cancel Everwood and Angel (yes, I’m still bitter at the WB about that one too).


    Excuse my ramblins. I love Everwood so much. 🙁
    Thank god for ABC Family, though, so I can actually watch seasons 2 and 3 in their entirety.