Thursday TV Thoughts

There was so much TV on last night that between GREY’S ANATOMY, THE OFFICE, THE OC, 30 ROCK and UGLY BETTY I could crash my site’s server talking about my favourite moments. So here it goes, random stream-of-conscious thoughts about some serious TiVo worthy moments.

Finally, another ‘Michael Scott Joint’ as Michael tried to initiate the new Office denizens with another video titled ‘Lazy Scranton’. I love how Michael seems to take pop culture moments and rip them off months after they were actually cool! How much would I love to see the entire ‘Scranton Witch Project’ — NBC post it online.

Loved how the Stamford Office ‘Black Guy’ tried to bond with Stanley

Forget Jim vs Dwight, that was so last year. The new Spy vs. Spy is Dwight vs. Andy, I can’t wait to see what THE OFFICE writer’s have in store for us. I wonder who will win in a battle of wits? Future Andy or Future Dwight?

The Pam and Jim reunion…. akward. Loved Pam’s reaction to the camera when she finally realized that Karen is the new Pam (hmmm, tshirt idea anyone?!)

Perhaps it’s because I’m in love with their podcast, but UGLY BETTY’S Marc and Amanda were the highlight of last night’s episode. Loved how their idea of celebrating Thanksgiving was, as Marc put it, “And by watch the parade you mean try on couture gowns and Xerox my naughty bits” It was also great that the two of them suddenly realized that Wilhelmina wasn’t in fact a lesbian (Marc’s theory) and may be up to something else entirely. Anything that gives Marc and Amanda more to do, I’m thrilled with.

In the category of Broadway shout-outs, it was great how Marc has to tell his family that his ‘girlfriend’ lives in Canada. A nice little homage to a line in the musical AVENUE Q. And of course, Justin’s reaction to his father giving him football gear for Thanksgiving. Justin grabs the cup and puts it over his eye like the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

You know a show is firing on all cylinders when the title character is the least interesting aspect of an episode.

Michael Scott may have some competition in the fictional short instructional film award category that I’ve just made up. Alec Baldwin’s hilarious video on product placement was the start of a fantastic super-sized episode of 30 ROCK. I loved how he coined the term “pos-mens” to illustrated how Liz and her writing staff could incorporate positive mentions of NBC or GE products within ‘The Girly Show’. Even funnier was the constant and shameless product placement for NBC/GE products within the show. Snapple, Friends, etc. I honestly believe NBC will never cancel this show, it’s essentially one long advertisement for everything NBC/UNIVERSAL/GE. By the way, how on earth did that Ross and Rachel relationship end?

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that a little Dwight goes a long, long way? I want him to remain a secondary character. I fear that like in so many other shows, they will let the guy who is best in small doses take over. But man, the supersized episode was darn-near perfect. Tried watching 30 Rock again, but they have just screwed the pooch on that one. I like any scene with Tina or Alec, but pretty much everyone else (especially Tracy Morgan) is annoying. (Although the scene in which Jane Krakowski nearly choked on coffee creamer was pretty darn funny). I’d comment on Ugly Betty, but we in the House of Thruple are so far behind that we only just watched the Halloween episode (so glad to hear that supposedly, Christopher Gorham is in talks to continue as her would-be beau… I don’t like Betty and Walter… she deserves SO much beter!)

  • Too much Dwight definitely ruins the show. The episode where Dwight and Ryan went on a road trip, not good. I love 30 ROCK, Alec and Tina are amazing – so good in fact that I tolerate the stupidity that is Tracy Morgan. Finaly, Betty definitely deserves more then Walter…. Christopher Gorham I believe returns this Thanksgiving Thursday.

  • Janice 1997

    While I agree with Tralfaz that a little Dwight does indeed go a long way, I would humbly disagree with the addict about the road trip episode. It is likely one of my favourites! The beet seed? The lonely long lonely walk of loneliness? Dwight’s strange cousin wearing a tshirt that said “fear” on it? GOLD. All I can say is…..’Welcome to Schrute Farm!’.