Random TV Tidbits: Reba, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother

Watching the season premiere of REBA last night on the new CW, two things were abundently clear. First off, WOW did Barbara Jean lose a lot of weight (Hurley on LOST, take note). And two, an overweight Barbara Jean is far funnier than the newly health conscious version.

Classic three camera sitcoms work best when the leading lady has that wacky, diametrically opposed neighbor to play off of. For five seasons, Barbara Jean (actress Melissa Peterson) played her character to perfection, and was the ideal foil for slim and sassy Reba. It’s definitely going to take a few episodes for me to get used to the meaner leaner Barbara Jean Hart.

I’m officially off the PRISON BREAK bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m PVRing the remainder of the fall season and saving it for December. But the truth is, with so many great shows on Monday night, I find myself quickly losing interest in a bunch of unlikeable cons who should have been dead (or captured) weeks ago. How many more times can T-Bag sew back on that hand? Or Michael narrowly escape being caught. I simply find myself no longer caring.

Attention fellow Canadians. Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Robin has a secret identity, and it has a fantastic Canadian connection. Or as a hit Canadian songstress put it best, “Isn’t it ironic?”

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  • I have to admit that I’m becoming a tad bored with Prison break this season. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to like the leads… at least they’re finally having Michael begin to feel a bit of guilt about all the people he’s hurt and/or been responsible for the death of. But it’s beginning to feel as if they’re running in circles. Last season, there was a definite goal: Break out of prison. Now, it feels almost as if they’re making it up by the seat of their pants…

    But more importantly, I can’t begin to say how impressed – or maybe mortified – I am that you not only watch Reba but can comment on the morphing of Barbara jean over the years. Just the other day I was talking to OMC about how it’s odd that I’ve never, ever seen an episode of Reba. Or girlfriends…

  • My darkest secret, REBA always made me laugh. Definitely a future post….. what shows are you ashamed to admit you watch? Check back tomorrow for the post!

  • Frank

    How fantastic was How I Met Your Mother? I officially put the show on my must watch list this season and it’s my favorite new edition. I haven’t laughed this much during a 30 min multicamera sitcom since i watched all the Sienfeld DVD’s for the 1st time(i’m in college now i wasnt on the Seinfeld wagon the 1st time around).

  • Ash

    So what happened to you live blogging during Heroes? Did you decide against that?

    Also I find myself increasingly bored with how stupid Prison Break is becoming. I don’t know if I’ll watch when it comes back in January or March, whichever it turns out to be.

  • Todd W in NC

    I have to confess; Prison Break still has me. Granted, the show depends heavily on luck, coincidence, convenient timing, manufactured suspense, repeated fake-out techniques, etc., and yet, I still can’t look away.

    Those losing interest in Prison Break or finding it preposterous sound like me back during the latter half of 24’s first season and the start of its 2nd. I gave up on 24 early and don’t regret it, but I know most people stuck with it. For now, Prison Break is kind of my 24.

    The only thing that worries me is what the endgame of this series will be. It’s already a surprise that a show called Prison Break can last a whole season after the actual prison break occurs, but if this show lasts beyond season two, it’s going to have to get even more intense, and therefore, possibly more preposterous.

    As noble as Michael’s intentions were, to save his brother from execution, he’s gone quite dark. He’s guilty over helping T-Bag get loose; he’s stolen things; he’s held hostages; he knocked over that old man in the sporting good shop; the breakout has led indirectly to multiple deaths, including Tweener, Sara’s father, and the veterinarian (sp?) who repaired T-Bag’s hand.

    I keep thinking of the line from Shawshank Redemption when Andy tells Red that he was honest, straight, and narrow on the outside, but he had to go to prison to become a crook. I think Michael is right to feel guilty, and I’m not sure what can happen in this show that will help him feel justified.

    Let’s just say that the “Company’s” conspiracy is revealed, such that everyone knows Terrance Steadman is alive, that the then-Vice President helped fake her brother’s death, that Lincoln was set up for the alleged murder, etc. Then what? Michael, Lincoln, C-Note, and Sucre all go free? Even if C-Note and Sucre *somehow* survive and get out of the country, and even if Lincoln is freed from all charges because he was set up, Michael still committed a crime to get into prison, still broke out of prison, and still committed a lot of crimes outside of prison. The only thing I can think of is a pardon from a governor or the president. The guys will simply have to be “excused” from all they did.

    I may have just over-analyzed (as usual), but my point is, for now, I’m loving the journey this show is on, but I am a little worried about whether its eventual conclusion will be satisfying or if it will stretch credibility far further than they may have already.


    In the category of “Random Tidbits,” can anyone verify what I’ve read at Ain’t It Cool News about new epsidoes of Battlestar Galactica moving to Sundays at 10:00, starting in January?

  • Ash, I realized I’m never home Monday nights so LIVE Heroes blogging won’t really work! Guess we’ll have to wait till February for LOST…. I’m always home Wednesdays (or at least 95% of the time it seems)