Thoughts on Housewives & Brothers & Sister

Does anyone else sit and wonder how real-life parents can let their children be cast as ‘ugly kids’ on television in front of 20 million people? That’s pretty much all I was thinking about as Gabriel had to teach a group of girls how to become supermodels. It’s ironic that while their TV parents disapproved of Gabriel’s inadvertent teachings (bulimia and smoking = weight loss), the girls real-life parents don’t seem to care.

Not to get up on my soapbox, but these kids seemed old enough to understand the plot of the show and no doubt watched their television debut last night. Was it really worth the cash to have Gabriel call your kids ‘mutts’ on TV? Talk about a sure-fire way to ensure your kids develop an eating disorder.

Moving along to BROTHERS & SISTERS. Serious kudos to reader ‘Steve’ who pointed out that Rob Lowe’s character was named Senator McAllister — a not so subtle shout out to Greg Berlanti’s previous brilliant creation JACK & BOBBY (Which by the way should definitely be released on DVD ). Overall another strong episode of BROTHER & SISTERS with the highlight being Sarah, Kevin and Tommy’s road trip. Nice to see the family won’t have to worry about money anymore, with the military coincidentally helping out the family instead of tearing it apart. I can’t help but wonder if one of the provisions to the land deal will be ensuring Justin’s honorable discharge from the army.

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  • tcgc

    It was nice to see Lloyd getting some work. Weird, that just the day before I was wondering if he would be on anything else while Entourage was on hiatus.

  • Ummm….. That wasn’t Lloyd! Lloyd is played by Rex lee!

  • tcgc

    well it sure looked like him! I know I did go to imdb this morning to verify and saw Rex Lee wasn’t credited with DH.

  • tcgc

    It’s Alec Mapa…sorry for the confusion.

  • Jack & Bobby needs to be on DVD Asap! (Then again, so does Everwood S2-S4). That comment above was funny though cause I kept thinking, did they have to cast the gay sidekick exactly the same way as Entourage with similar looking actors?