Rosie Kelly Ripa Clay Aiken Controversy

Recently on THE VIEW Rosie accused Kelly Ripa of a homophobic comment with regards to co-hosting LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY with Clay Aiken this past Friday (See the video on YouTube). This morning, Kelly called into THE VIEW to defend her actions to Rosie. Kelly stated, “You have to be more responsible, Not everybody is homophobic.” See the video below.

Firstly, serious kudos to Kelly. She defended her position perfectly and definitely put Rosie in her place. While I’m a huge Rosie fan, in this TV Addict’s opinion, Kelly was 100% in the right here. Rosie definitely jumped the gun on calling out Kelly.

That said, can I just say how much I love YouTube. Whether it’s a funny SNL sketch (a rarity indeed), the brilliant Jon Stewart or irreverent Stephen Colbert — I can always count on YouTube to have that must-see clip from an episode I may have missed. YouTube has not only changed the way we talk about television, it’s helped revitalize the television industry. Clips on YouTube drive traffic to TV, which in this era of a million and one things to do with your time, is a great thing for the medium we all love.

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  • Rosie’s gone over the edge. It’s just ridiculous — and somewhat dangerous, given the current political client — for her to label Kelly Ripa a homophobe. Sorry, but I’m a gay male and I dont’ want Aiken’s hand covering my mouth either. Or anyone else’s (unless I really, really like ’em…). It’s just not cool. But Rosie wasn’t cool either… she’s basically trying to out Clay. Of course, if and when he does come out, there’ll be, like, two little old women in Peoria who are shocked by the announcement…

  • Tim

    I am a fan of both Kelly and Rosie. Kelly Ripa is not homophobe because she didn’t appreciate any man putting his hand over her mouth. Come on. We’re all entitled to our opinions and Rosie “saw” it her way. Of course, Rosie is putting spotlight on something Clay Aiken keeps insisting he doesn’t “want” to talk about. Honey, it’s the elephant in the room and the only one not seeing a pink elephant are those who choose not to. One only sees what they want. Like advice, one only hears what they want. Enough already. Tim

  • What bothers me about this is that Rosie basically worked on the assumption that Clay is gay. In her comments, she basically said as much. As a woman who took her own sweet time in coming out, I’d have expected her to be more respectful. Then again, Rosie’s always been a bit of a loon…

  • klsdad

    wow.. (I love Kelly..and Rosie!)
    But.. Kelly lost ALL of her argument against germs when the next day on the show she allowed Regis to put an oxygen mouthpiece in her mouth.. after he had put it in his mouth.. and even said that he had been using it with the crew!!
    (I hope Rosie saw..or hear of it!)

    I was shocked when Kelly used the “germ” defense”.

    Clay Aiken was being a bitchy Queen from the start of the
    show with Kelly.. and went TOO FAR!! He’d better not even start to put his hand on me!!


  • Michelle

    July 10, 2003, issue of Rolling Stone…

    “One thing I’ve found of people in the public eye,” Aiken says, “either you’re a womanizer or you’ve got to be gay. Since I’m neither one of those, people are completely concerned about me.”

    Dear Kelly,

    Since last Friday’s show, I have seen the homophobic “Halloween costume” episode in its entirety. Let me refresh your memory. You dressed up to look like Clay, “sang,” and then proceeded, as Clay, to smother Regis, who was dressed as Bo Bice, with a face full of kisses. I’m disgusted with everyone associated with LWRK for allowing that homophobic attack on Clay to occur two years ago.

    I wish Clay had not teasingly put his hand over your mouth as you have done to Regis on at least three separate occasions documented by screen caps on your fan site. Everything you accused him of you are guilty of yourself. None of this is really about Clay, is it? It’s about what’s inside you, Kelly. If Howard Stern ever called me, I would keep it a shameful secret and take it to my grave. It’s pitiful that you enjoyed the morally reprehensible “amusement” Howard provided you at Clay’s expense after the show, and bragged about it on Monday.

    Clay sent you flowers with a note of apology during your show on Wednesday, November 22. When do you plan to mention his apology on your show? However wronged by your hypocrisy, it’s no surprise that he held to the standard of the consummate gentleman he is. Maybe, from now on, you’ll know one when you see one.