Gilmore Girls: Report

Even thought the clock is ticking towards the inevitable February sweeps episode featuring Lorelai and Christopher’s break-up, I found myself enjoying last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS immensely.

Lorelai and Chris were adorable as they were discussing what to do with the Lorelai’s antiquated (sorry, small town charming) house. Flat screen TV’s in every room, when can I move in?

Luke and April for the first time did not have me reaching for the remote to fast-forward (or ‘Sookie) their scenes. Their banter on boys and kissing was believable and fun.

And Logan completely put Rory in her place for her article on Logan’s internet event (didn’t Logan join the real world to work at a newspaper?). Frankly, Logan has every right to be pissed at Rory. Where does she get off pretending she’s the ‘working class’. She’s a ‘Gilmore’ for peet-sakes — she isn’t exactly hurting for cash.

My only complaint about last night’s episode — No Paris. I’m pretty sure it should be mandated that Paris Gellar has a minimum of one scene every episode. Even the most ardent Luke/Lorelai shippers should be able to agree on that.

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  • Common Sense

    Gotta weigh in on this, too: I can’t stand Chris. I want Lorelai as my doctor–what a diagnosis over the phone. No Emily = bad show. April cannot act at all, and boy is her over-reactive mom gonna be ticked (for no reason) that she’s in the hospital. Forgot that Chris is raising Gigi—poor Lorelai has that BRAT coming to Stars Hollow! Disagree with you about the Luke/April “kiss” talk…it was PAINFUL to watch. Lauren Graham continues to be the bright spot of the show, with her facial expressions conveying so many thoughts and emotions. Just like the final scene last week when she was on the couch wondering, “What have I DONE?”

  • I find myself wanting to scratch my eyes out when I watch. Not just because I’m one of those crazy Luke/Lorelai shippers, but because I don’t like the character of Chris and what they’re trying to do the character of Lorelai. The biggest complaint last year was that she didn’t speak up, stand up for herself, so Christopher comes in, complains about her house, how it’s decorated, how there’s not enough room for Gigi’s colouring table, how he needs a big screen TV, and she caves….she doesn’t stand on her own two feet and say no….I was really glad that Luke and Lorelai are back to sort of being friends, but I cannot fathom why she would so be so willy-nilly about waving that wedding ring around….and I’m glad Logan isn’t afraid to put Rory in her place.

  • This was a solid episode. how natural was that when Luke phoned Lor? First number to think of when his kid is in pain. Oh well, February is to far.

  • I’ve not been enjoying the show this season, but I have to admit this episode was pretty great. I didn’t much care for the Luke/April stuff, however. And for God’s sake, will these people never learn? Lorelai not telling Luke about her marriage is ridiculous. After all, wasn’t she livid with him for keeping her in the dark about his having a daughter? I’m surprised how much I love Christopher with Lorelai… I actually wouldn’t midn seeing them stick together, which I never, ever would have predicted a year ago.

  • Noële Filius

    I did not like anything about the show. I was a long time L/L shipper and I still love Luke but no longer Lorelai and as to Christopher, who in my opinion was never part of the show except as Rory’s deadbeat dad, he used to leave me indifferent, but since Partings there are no words strong enough for the disgust he evokes in me. In this episode Luke calling Lorelai for an emergency with April, while he should have called Anna first. Lorelai, same reaction as Luke, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. not credible, unless I missed a previous reunion moment. Chris being “concerned” about the crisis. Too far fetched. Chris acting like a spoiled brat taking over the house. No consideration for Rory. In my opinion Rory left her mother and deadbeat dad too easily off the hook about their so-called elopement. No consideration for Rory regarding her room, discarding her as no longer living there, “make room for the kid I had with an another woman and that idiot Lorelai is going to raise now” and idiot Lorelai letting him have his way with everything. No I really dont like the current Lorelai and quite frankly although I dislike intensely Christopher, she belongs with him. They make a fine pair of quipsters stuck in their teens but no fun to watch. Luke, especially the Luke who is learning from his mistakes, may not have the megabucks to buy his way through everything as Mr. Moneybags Hayden, Luke is too, much too good for the current Lorelai. Will this superficial happiness in the land of the quipsters last? At this stage it does not matter to me anymore. The Powers That Be broke the magic that was GG and SH for ever in chosing the current route.

  • suzie

    lets face it, luke and lorelai are meant to be together, just like ross/rachel, cory/tapanga, and summer/seth, and all those other meant to be together couples. what made gilmore girls good in the beginig was the chance of them being together and those cute moments they always had. then, they were together and it was enjoyable. however, there is nothing left to do with them. there is nothing left to watch–no story line. no magic. although luke being a father is a good idea, does the daughter have to be so annoying? she seems so fake all the time. my suggestion is to have luke and lorelai happily married, and then end the show, hopefully this year. don’t do the seven heaven thing were there are no more orignal characters, no storyline, no viewers, and no enjoyment. thats what gilmore girls will end up being if it keeps going on the way it has been.