Veronica Mars: Confused

I’m generally pretty smart when it comes to following TV shows (I watch LOST afterall!), yet for the life of me, I’m not sure what’s going on with VERONICA MARS. this season. Can someone please clarify that there actually is a ‘Hearst Rapist’ or have they all been faked by some really pissed off college co-eds.

Hearst rape aside, Veronica and Logan were definitely the highlight of last night’s episode. Am I spotting a trend here on the CW — characters named Logan putting their girlfriends in their place! Kudos to Logan for calling Veronica on the fact that she wants him to change but won’t change herself.

Next week, the entire Hearst Rapist storyline is wrapped up, apparently ending off with a murder. Let’s hope mystery two isn’t as complicated and uninteresting as the season’s first mystery.

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  • Common Sense

    HA HA! I thought I was the only dummy watching! Admittedly I was somewhat groggy during VM, I actually thought to myself: “These episodes are supposedly simplified, and yet I can’t follow this mystery at all. Am I losing it? Am I really this clueless? Or tired? Is Patty Hearst really that unattractive? And did she really join the SLA back in the 70s, or was she faking it?”

    Honestly, I don’t get the whole rapist mystery at all…and I seriously hope there’s a good payoff next week. I’m sticking by my original prediction that it’s the college President…and I believe he will also be the one who dies.

  • It’s not that it is complicated (last season with 40 fitzpatrick brothers, the pchers that was complicated) This season, we’ve just been getting so little of the mystery, that there is nothing to really remember from the previous weeks episodes.

  • Tim

    Hey, I LOVE Veronica Mars, but yea, I was thrown last night too. What about Max’s roommate? I thought she was raped. I think so many have been faked. But if it’s all to pay back a frat house from three years, that’s a little much. I say keep watching. Things are never as they appear. And I thought Patty Hearst was “suppose” to look bad sitting in her housecoat and drinking. lol Tim

  • Tim – I completely agree. Are we really supposed to care about a Frat incident that occured three years ago. We’ve never even met the victim. How are viewers supposed to relate to that!

  • I hope Ms. Mars hasn’t caught the LOST Promo disease where they look better than the episode actually is because next weeks looks AMAZING. Rob Thomas wrote & directed it so I’m hoping for the best.

  • Tim G (another Tim! what’s the deal?)

    Thanks for the link, next week does look amazing. And with Rob Thomas directing and writing, I have no doubt it will live up to the hype.

  • I know. Apparently us Tims like quality TV. I hope who dies isn’t who I think it will be…

  • If anyone else was wondering about what song they used in the promo for next week, it’s Fatboy Slim’s “Right Here, Right Now.”

  • ok, spoiler!
    in the video, it seemed the dean got the bullet

  • Thelma

    I am glad that I am not the only one who is tired of this mystery. I think the reason I’m not that interested in who the serial rapist is (if there is one) because it doesn’t seem all that personal to Veronica. I mean think about the past few years. The first season had Veronica trying to figure out who killed Lilly Kane and who raped her. The second season had the bus crash (which was way convoluted) and who stabbed Felix. Even during the second season, it was personal to Veronica because she knew Logan did not stab Felix and she thought the bus crash was meant for her. I think that I like it when the mysteries are more personal to Veronica. I would liked to have seen Veronica flash back to her own rape while dealing with this mystery. And can the girl get some therapy? I know that she has been through a great deal these past few years, but to people just starting to watch the show she comes off as a witch. I get why she doesn’t trust but it is frustrating to watch it over and over again. Hope this post isn’t too lengthy, but I have a lot of opinions concerning Veronica Mars.

  • Alexa

    The rapes were definitely not all faked. Mac’s roommate is a series regular and has no connection to the anti-greek group, so she couldn’t have lied about being raped. Also, I have a feeling that the conclusion will show the rape mystery to be more connected to Veronica than we thought. Like all VM mysteries, this one will definitely have some major twists.

  • Thelma – You hit it right on the nose, and it’s something that I’ve been saying from the beginning of the season. The mystery isn’t personal (like lilly’s murder or the bus crash) so the viewers are not personally invested in it along side Veronica.

  • Geri

    LOL…you´re definetly not the only one who didn´t get that the rape cases actually weren´t all solved, just ask Entertainment Weekly:,6115,1562310_3_0_,00.html

    Hopefully this boring first mystery will be solved in a great mini finale! Written and directed by Rob Thomas, it must be good.

  • Thelma

    TV Addict, Thanks for saying that. I think it would have been really easy for them to make it personal to Veronica. They could have added flashbacks. During the scene where Parker wakes up and discovers she has been raped and her head has been shaved, Veronica could have flashed back to Shelly Pomeroy’s party or she could have flashed back to the rooftop scene from last season where Cassidy/Beaver said that he did rape Veronica. I think that would have really explained why she is so invested in this case. I understand why she can’t stop looking into it, but I don’t think the audience does. Well I just hope that the finale is good and the next arc is even better. Oh and more people start watching Veronica Mars and the ratings go up. Hey what can I say, I am an optimist. I am thankful that the CW gave it 20 episodes this season. Happy Thanksgiving!