I’m Thankful For…

This being US Thanksgiving, I thought I’d spend the day writing a list of what I’m thankful for (TV edition). First and foremost (cheese alert!), I’m thankful to each and every reader who takes a moment out of their day to visit theTVaddict.com. Whether you just quickly read a post, take the time to comment/post, listen to the podcast, or email me, it’s been an absolute pleasure conversing. Also a huge shout-out to Amrie and Jenny who take the time out of their busy lives to write weekly columns that we’ve come to know and love. As well as Ari (my podcast partner in crime) who regardless of people want to hear it or not, spends thirty minutes a week with me talking about TV (among other things).

Now on to my list (please feel free to contribute).

I’m Thankful For…

1) ABC’s resurgence: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, BROTHERS & SISTERS, and yes, even LOST. Who knew the network that gave us WHAT ABOUT JIM and RODNEY would turn around to be so good so fast.

2) Marc and Amanda: The funniest sidekicks who just can’t seem to get their act together.

3) NBC Thursday: Starting next Thursday, MUST SEE TV truly returns to television. OFFICE, SCRUBS and 30 ROCK — I can’t wait.

4) SHOWTIME: DEXTER and WEEDS, two of the most daring, slightly insane shows on TV. Seven episodes in, still no clue as to who the Ice Truck Killer is.

5) Green Arrow: Made SMALLVILLE watch-able again. Spin-off please.

6) My PVR: The only reason I’m able to watch as much TV goodness as I am. Behind my Mac, iPod and TV, the best invention ever.

7) The guy who invented the first Cylon: Without them, we wouldn’t have that crazy war that destroyed Caprica and gave us BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.


9) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The show is quickly reaching cult-like status for this TV addict, having already given us an amazing second season filled with “You’ve Been Lawyered”, “Swarley” and of course Robin Sparkles!

10) CHRIS PRATT: From EVERWOOD to THE OC, Chris Pratt definitely brightens up our day.

11) PARIS GELLAR: Through seven years of Lorelai love triangles, tumultuous relationships and behind-the-scenes changes, Paris remains the one constant brilliant star in all of Stars Hollow.

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  • tom

    You’re not thankful for My Name is Earl? It’s the most under-appreciated show on Thursdays

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com thetvaddict

    I know I’d get flack for that… but for some reason, I just haven’t gotten into My Name Is Earl yet.

  • http://pinoytvjunkie.livejournal.com mars_mg

    don’t tell me you don’t like Veronica Mars anymore…

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com thetvaddict

    I still love Veronica… just trying to show my support for another show!

  • http://pinoytvjunkie.livejournal.com mars_mg

    i’m thankful that the show even got 20 episodes… i know we should expect more; but with the ratings recently, any pick-up is still a pick-up.

  • gsus

    See I told you Dexter was good! Aren’t you shocked that they revealed the killer, but also made it out to be someone so obvious. I find it interesting, they didn’t really jerk us around with such a deep twist, it was all there on the surface.

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com thetvaddict

    I completely was going to write about this tomorrow. I LOVED episode 8 of Dexter, and not to toot my own horn, but I totally called it. From the moment Dex’s sister started dating the Doctor, I knew it! So fascinating! Can’t wait to see Monday’s episode and discover TITK (the ice truck killer’s) motivation/end-game.

  • http://www.watchingtheoffice.com Aaron

    I’m a greatly thankful for TV on DVDs also. That’s about all I’m asking for, for Christmas. My shelves are full of seasons upon season, which totally dwarf my actual Movies on DVD. But, it’s all good, because there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a whole season of 24 or Futurama.