My Fellow Canadians…

Since our American friends have enjoyed a great day of turkey, family and fun, I thought I’d take a moment to address my fellow Canadians directly. Did you know that is finally getting on the online TV bandwagon? STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, THE OC, CORNER GAS, DEGRASSI TNG, WHISTLER and INSTANT STAR are all available to view online at With CTV finally caving, hopefully TV shows on iTunes Canada won’t be too far behind.

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  • For some reason (please don’t hate us!) Americans can access CTV’s website and watch the streams as well.

  • Karo

    Thanks for the info

  • James

    Note as well — Windows Media Player drives the delivery of the content, and likely the security as well. But, I do hope-hope-hope TV shows become available on the iTMS soon, or at least BEFORE they’re available on Windows-only Music and Media Stores.