Black Friday Deal Report

This being infamous ‘Black Friday’ in the US, feel free to post away with any amazing TV related deals fellow TV Addict’s should know about. In addition, please keep in mind that it’s probably not worth risking your life to score that GILMORE GIRLS season on DVD at half off (or is it?)

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  • Common Sense

    If anyone knows of a great deal on the “Felicity” collection, post it, baby.

    Vacation day….surfing around….just stumbled onto the fact that the great Rachel Dratch is not even ON the “30 Rock” show anymore. IMdb lists her in only 4 eps. Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with writers & producers who can’t find a way to use her totally-histerical abilities in a show that’s dead-in-the-water? This girl may just be THE funniest actress on TV in the last decade—-the sole reason many watched SNL. Tina Fey and NBC deserve the clunker they’ve got now, and rest assured I won’t be among the few who bother to tune in.

  • Sam

    Probably way too late, but Bst Buy was selling the first 3 seasons of Smallville for $14.99 earlier. I don’t know if it’s nationwide or not, but I don’t really think Smallville DVD’s would be sold out by now.

  • Amber

    At Borders, a whole lot of TV on DVD are $20 – Friends, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, One Tree Hill, etc.
    Might be too late for anyone to check this, but here they are open until midnight, so maybe!

  • T. Paul

    I just saw Everwood Season One in Target for 14.99 in addition to Roseanne Season Two and several other great titles that slip my mind. I was so tempted to grab Everwood, but I just watched (and loved) that season on ABC Family.

  • christine

    hey u guyz….my computer’s retarded & won’t let me email….so y haven’t u guyz put up a new podcast??
    where have u been???
    ok well hope u had a great thanksgving…C:
    even though urs was on like a tuesday or something..C:

  • Christine, since it was a holiday in the US we didn’t do a podcast. Rest assured we’ll have one out for this Thursday! Thanks for caring though 🙂