Canadian Battlestar Galactica News

With the recent announcement by the Sci-Fi channel that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA will be moving to Sundays in January, a lot of Canadian BSG fans were left scratching their heads wondering if SPACE (the network that airs the show in Canada) would follow suit. can now report that starting January 21, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA will move from Saturday nights to Sunday at 10PM. For the first time, the series will air on the same day as our American counterparts. Smart move SPACE, it’s about time!

Thanks to reader Cheryl for the tip!

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  • But? But? But I loved my Saturday night BSG time. But then they could show it at 3 am and I’d still never miss an episode 😀

  • 8p

    Everyone with a TV should be watching this show. Hope the word is getting out there. We video clerks can’t do all the work…