Obsessed with DEXTER

In honour of my latest television obsession, check out the newest addition to theTVaddict.com Swag Shop. If you’re not watching DEXTER, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon (thanks to Showtime and TMN on Demand). I guarantee that within the first fifteen minutes, you’ll be hooked.

Still not convinced, perhaps this equation will entice you:

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  • Damn you, I don’t NEED another show to watch! Especially now that I know Rome is returning in January… although I still haven’t seen the last half of last year’s episodes. I keep hoping they’ll run a marathon before the new season starts so that I can catch up… I loved Rome, but misplaced all the episodes I’d taped… maybe I’ll wait and buy Dexter when it comes out on DVD. I’m becoming a real fan of marathon-viewings. Last night, I watched five episodes of Battlestar Galactica… (Yes, I’m still in season one…)

  • 15 minutes? Damn took me about 15 seconds 😛