Random TV Tidbits: Felicity, The Class, Melrose Place

I’ve been re-living my Melrose memories by watching the first season of MELROSE PLACE on DVD. So far I’m about five episodes in, and boy did I forget how painfully bad the show was B.A. (Before Amanda). Jake secretly trying to pass his High School equivalency exam, Jane lying to Michael about being pregnant, Matt working in at underfunded youth shelter, Billy trying to make it as a writer and of course Allison trying to make it as an Ad Exec. Seriously folks, early Melrose Place is a prime example of ‘so bad it’s good’ (or at least funny). Watching Andrew Shue ‘act’ is almost as much fun as the show itself. I can’t wait until I get to the episode were Billy learns from Rhonda about racism! Cue NBC music ‘The More You Know….”

I’ve been re-watching FELICITY from the beginning on the W Network (my first time watching FELICITY). I’m in the mist of the final season, and all I can say is could this fourth season be anymore of a downer? How many more times do I have to watch Felicity and Ben try and save their dying relationship. Every-time they are in a scene together, their sad piano theme plays in the background, completely sucking any energy out of the show. Let’s hope the series final batch of episodes is more exciting than the first half of the season and that depressing piano theme is put to rest.

CBS’s freshman sitcom, THE CLASS is growing on me. What started off as a perfect example of yet another unoriginal generic three camera sitcom is slowly evolving into a show worthy of following in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’S footsteps. This week’s Thanksgiving episode was perhaps the series funniest episode yet, thanks to the appearance of Yonk’s daughter (better known as ‘Shrek’) and a guest starring turn by THE COMEBACK’S funniest hairdresser ever Robert Michael Morris. Any show that casts an alum from THE COMEBACK is all class in my books.

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  • Don’t worry about Melrose, it’ll finally get good in episode 21, where Amanda moves in.

  • t_dot

    hey is there a podcast this week?!?!!?!

  • Common Sense

    I envy you, having a cable channel that airs Felicity. It’s on a pricey tier here, so…no go. Trust me, it’s gonna get great at the end. BTW, don’t know if you’re a “House” watcher, but after Ben’s tryst with “Lauren” (Lisa Edelstein), I can never look at that poor actress the same again.

  • T. Paul

    I can’t say Felicity gets much better towards the end, but from what I gather, fans loved season four. I found the graduation episode to be so underwhelming and the final batch of time-traveling episodes were ludicrous (a clip show series finale was only more frusterating). But I do love those first three years and really miss Felicity. I can’t wait for the DVDs this Christmas.

    Glad to hear The Class has grown on you. I’ve really been enjoying it but wish the characters were more connected and that some of their interactions weren’t shamelessly forced. But how great is Sara Gilbert’s guest stint? And thanks for pointing out that it was Robert M. Morris in the Thanksgiving episode. I didn’t even realize it.

  • I love The Class. It has all the elements of my kinda show… very funny, great cast, continuing storylines. It all comes together really beautifully. And I love a sitcom that gives me a cliffhanger every week!

  • T.Paul – Felicity seemed so inconsistent. I really didn’t enjoy the first season (could Felicity have whined anymore?) But I really enjoyed seasons two and three….. (minus the bad haircut!). Hopefully the fourth season will end on a high note, but regardless, I’m very interested to see this whole time travel fiasco.

    Sara Gilbert is awesome, but somewhat evil! Interestingly enough, my least favourite character on the show thus far is Jason Ritter.