Not A Very Happy Thanksgiving for THE NINE

According to, ABC has cancelled the ratings-challenged series THE NINE, replacing it on Wednesdays at 10PM with special editions of 20/20 and PRIMETIME.

No doubt fearing the wrath of TV critics everywhere, the alphabet network took the cowards way out by making this announcement on Saturday when the majority of TV critics were busy celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday (yes ABC, we noticed!).

ABC claims the show will return sometime later this season but offered no specific details. Looks like ‘job security’ will be one less thing nine actors in Hollywood can be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.

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  • chocolatebonita

    I loved the nine! However, I do agree that many people were probably tired of another mystery show right after Lost, and based on the premise of the show, I really could only imagine a 1 season run. I hope ABC will let fans know what really happend during the bank robbery!

  • Sam

    Network execs are funny people. WHy would they wait until the holidays to do this to the show? It’s not like they’d have been new through December anyway. Makes no sense to me.


  • Once again, the networks give fans a reason to be wary of any drama which they promote as having a continuing storyline. With The Nine, we have yet another show which was sold on the premise of “woo-hoo, wait until you find out what REALLY happened in there!” only to have the network decide to pull the plug. Do they not even GET the damage that they’re doing? Do they not understand that each and every time this happens, viewers are less likely to trust the next “continueing story” to come down the pike?

  • Joe in LA

    No problem. While I love this show, I will just have to tune in to my other favorite serial dramas — Kidnapped and Vanished.


  • Common Sense

    I’m not one to say “I told you so.” Oh wait, yes I am. There was NO WAY that ABC was going to be able to launch so many new series (mostly dramas!) this fall successfully. Ugly Betty has stuck, and Bros & Sistahs may be a keeper. Other than that, I agree with the above poster: don’t even BOTHER trying to interest us in another continuing storyline! Networks have clearly shown us NO LOYALTY in sticking with a series, so why should WE??

    I say again…PRODUCE MORE EPISODES OF “LOST” each season—that’s what we WANT to watch. Take all of your DayBreak money & all the millions in time, salaries, etc. that you’ve wasted on failed pilots—and give us MORE of the most talked-about, original show on TV. Good lord, you gave us four nights of “Millionaire,” ABC… about just ONE of LOST??? Get TWO crews working over there, one concentrating on the “Others” story, and one focusing on the schlubs back at camp. C’mon, do I need to apply for a job at ABC to help straighten out the Progamming Dept.??? It’s not rocket-science.

  • Sam

    LOL @ Joe & CS. You know, I think we’re all going to have to start blaming LOST for being so good that it’s making all the other (now failed) serial dramas have so much to look up to and try to be. LOST is a tough act to follow.

    But hey, at least we still have LOST right? Oh and Heroes is another good one.

  • i haven’t even caught up with the nine (only watched the pilot) and it’s already cancelled. i guess it just didn’t stick. tsk tsk tsk.

  • Joe in LA

    Thanks Sam.

    Oh my goodness! That just helped me to figure it out.

    I KNOW the answer to the question “What happened in there?”

    The Nine went into the vault, and found…

    Sara Collins and Leopold Cain!