Tim Daly Can’t Catch A Break

With the recent announcement by ABC that THE NINE has been cancelled, it has not been a good week for fans of Tim Daly. That said, here’s a little good news to brighten up your Sunday. EYES, Daly’s short-lived yet fantastic ABC action/drama is now available to watch online for free thanks to AOL’S IN2TV service. Eight episodes are currently available, which is a nice bonus, considering ABC yanked the show off it’s schedule after a mere five airings.

EYES followed the firm of Judd Risk Management, an group of private investigators who used barely legal means to investigate individuals and crimes where law enforcement would fall short. The show starred Tim Daly as Harlan Judd and also featured a stellar ensemble including Laura Leighton (MELROSE PLACE), Eric Mabious (UGLY BETTY) and Rick Worthy (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA).

The show was well reviewed, very well acted and exciting to watch. Of course, as is the case with many of the shows theTVaddict.com loves, America didn’t agree and EYES quickly found itself among the many ‘brilliant but cancelled’ shows of 2005. While it’s nice that ABC is giving the show another chance to find an audience online. It would be even nicer if they picked a platform that wasn’t so restrictive. For some ridiculous reason, AOL’s IN2TV service only works with PC’s — which in this day and age is completely unacceptable. Why AOL continues to exclude a large potential pool of good-looking and intelligent MAC users is beyond me. Can we please see EYES up on iTunes so everybody can enjoy it (and KIDNAPPED for that matter as well!).

Thanks to TVSquad for the Tip.

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  • I loved EYES. ABC had a winner there and should have given it a chance. Although if they had, we never would have gotten the wonderful Kate Walsh on Grey’s Anatomy in addition to Mabius on Betty or Worthy on BSG.

  • K

    Thanks for sharing the info… i LOVED eyes. I just checked out the site and can’t seem to load an episode or any video for that matter. Is it working on your end? Have you been able to watch an EYES episode on In2TV?

  • Unfortunately, since I live in Canada and have a MAC, that’s officially two strikes against me… I can’t access In2TV. Perhaps try this address as a starting point though… ttp://television.aol.com/in2tv/

  • Poor Tim Daly, he really does deserve his own show.

  • Also, I just discoverd that Daly his 50! Looking at him I thought at least late 30s, early 40s, but not 50. Check for yourself: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004857/

  • Janetjune

    I just found this after about 2 years of searching. ABC continues to make the same mistake over and over. Since they cancelled Eyes, they have cancelled The Nine, Commander in Chief, Invasion and I could go on and on, except I don’t want to take the time to dig up all the cancellations. Just recently, fans of Jericho raised holy he!! and got CBS to reinstate Jericho for at least 6 more episodes and fans may get more. It had become apparent that the Networks depended on ratings (which are no longer acccurate because of TiVo and other recording methods) and are now getting the picture that the Neilsens’ are not giving accurate readings. Maybe things will change and when they do, maybe we can view on TV the rest of Eyes and many others that have been cancelled. Thanks for listening.