Random TV Tidbits: The Office, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother

Today’s LA TIMES has a great article on how many of THE OFFICE writers ended up acting in the show. Mindy Kaling’s (Kelly Kapoor) theory: Sheer Laziness on the part of Executive Producer Greg Daniels! Click here to check out the article. The paper also has a brief article on what it was like for Ricky Gervais to pen this week’s episode of THE OFFICE.

Still scratching your head over what the Frak SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD means? Well now’s your chance to get caught up. Sci Fi is airing the first six episodes of HEROES this Wednesday starting at 6PM

Could I be anymore excited for television tonight? Tonight on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Wayne Brady guest stars as Barney’s gay black brother (no, seriously). And on DEXTER (my new favourite drama), Dexter discovers that his biological father just recently died. This of course comes as a schock, because Harry, Dexter’s adoptive father, had told Dexter that his real father had died over 30 years ago. Not that my theories are ever correct, but how cool would it be if the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter were actually brothers!

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  • I’m thinking Global, or CH, or Mystery, or perhaps even DejaView should re-run Heroes up here, or put the episodes on GlobalTV.com, so i could get into that show.

  • Yeah it would be nice if Canadian TV Networks took any interest in getting their act together in terms of online content. But I guess they’d prefer TV fans to just download the episodes. If I were a bigwig exec at say global or CTV I would definitely prefer an online audience where I might actually generate revenue from ads.

  • Hey great articles on The Office. It is amazing to see how many people that produce and write the show are actually actors too. The laziness quote is probably true, but it doesn’t matter because they are perfect for the parts they play. Especially Mindy Kaling as Kelly.


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