DEXTER: The Best Show You’re Not Watching

[Spoiler Alert: This post talks about last night’s episode, so if you haven’t watched it, don’t read this!] Yet another ‘killer’ episode of DEXTER (will that joke ever get old?). This weeks episode featured Dexter being told that his biological father (or bio-dad as Deb so eloquently put it) just recently died. This of course came as a surprise to Dexter since his adoptive father Harry always told him that his Dad died thirty years ago. Needless to say the episode raised many fascinating questions and further sucked me into this highly addictive show.

How did the Ice Truck Killer (ITK) know about Dexter’s bio dad before he did? And more importantly, why did the ITK kill Dexter’s bio-dad? (There goes my theory that Dexter and ITK share the same father. They could of course still have the same mother!)

Why was Dexter’s bio-dad in prison for thirty years? I wonder if that’s how Harry met Dexter’s dad.

What is the ITK’s overall plan? He’s obviously obsessed with Dexter for some reason or other. What’s the connection? It definitely seems personal, and I’m going to guess they’re somehow related.

Finally, why is Paul still alive? Poor Rita, I seriously was hoping that Rita would kill drunken Paul with a baseball bat. Looks like Dexter will have to take the matter into his own hands.

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  • That was to much info… need spoiler warnings 😛

  • I’m doubting wether the ‘cold one’ the ITK promised to share with Dexter is his (theirs) bio-dad or just Rita or Deb in the future.

    Certainly someone close to Dexter is gonna find out that Dex isn’t a nice guy. Just who? If Angel finds out, he certainly will report it (he’s honest, as we’ve seen in this episode), Deb is his sister en could maybe help him. Though, Rita could find out when he needs to murder paul…

    I’m still thinking about the last scene. Is it a flashback of the cableguy visiting the old lady (for the less intelligent viewer) or is it the cableguy (ITK) that comes back to finish the job?

    There was a big mistake in this episode. Really a shame for such a great series. AB- is indeed a rare bloodtype but it’s not any problem to get such blood, in a way that you would need a bio-dad. AB- is called a universal receiver, everyone with negative bloodtype can give so A-,B-,O- and AB- can give blood. (note AB- can form his part only donate to AB- of AB+)

  • I definitely think the last season was ITK visiting to finish the job. She’s a witness and must be put on ‘ice’ (hehehehehehe). Great points and thanks for the note about the blood… something of course I never would have picked up on. But considering the series has been fantastic so far, I think I’ll let it slide!

  • gsus

    Every time I start a comment post on Dexter I’ll have to start with an I told you so… I so called it that the series was fantastic and you were missing out, but you totally brushed me off and gave me the cold shoulder. 😛

    Last nights episode was in deed fantastic, another killer episode – yes yes yes. However I’m finding Rudy to be a bit cheesy. He’s so obviously crazy; it isn’t subtle. I also cannot tolerate seeing Deb on screen so I am hoping Rudy kills her soon.

    I loved when Dexter was throwing away the clothes in the garbage bag, he had all of his body disposing tools, and at the same time Rudy had his. They were going at it like it was a body, very funny scene. I too do not understand how Dexter did not hear the lady from across calling out. Rudy had heard it then Dexter should have as well.

    This past episode definitely reveals that there is a deeper connection and or relation between Rudy and Dexter. He knows such personal details about Dexter.

  • gsus, I have to agree with your assessment with regards to Deb. Out of all the charcters, I definitely find her the most annoying, but not so much that I fast forward (or Sookie) her. In fact since she’s started her relationship with the ITK, I’m sort of feeling bad for her.

    Yes, I definitely thought it was odd that Dexter didn’t catch on to the old lady, but I suppose that he thought she was just annoying and if Dexter has one character flaw, aside from the whole killing thing, it’s that he could be kinder to old people.