HEROES: I Love Flashbacks

I love flashback episodes. Be it THE WEST WING, FIREFLY or FRIENDS, it’s always a pleasure finding out how life was for our favourite characters before we met them.

First let’s get the obligatory points out of the way. Nikki was an alcoholic, DL and her were happy, Matt is dyslexic, Eden could pretty much control anyone (except around the Hatiian) and Claire discovered her healing powers thanks to uber-bitch head cheerleader Jackie.

With that out of the way, let’s now discuss the coolest part of the episode: Chandra and Syler. Syler is the one hero (okay, villain) who we’re all dying to learn more about — and last night’s episode did not disappoint. Apparently, Syler can steal other heroes powers by killing them? Slicing of their heads? Reading their minds? So we’re not exactly sure, but that is one pretty cool (and sinister) power. It will be quite interesting to see what happens when Peter and Syler are in the same room together.

I am loving how HEROES isn’t afraid to actually give us answers (unlike that other show that I’ll stop ragging on). So much happened in this episode, and even though I have so many questions, we’re slowly getting them answered.

So is Syler’s endgame to kill all the heroes? Leaving him the ultimate supreme rule of the earth? Will anyone be able to stop him? Is Mr. Horn-Rimmed Glasses trying to stop Syler or is he only interested in saving Claire? What exactly did Mr. Horn-Rimmed Glasses do?

Regardless, I’m hooked, and with next week’s episode being the final one until January 2007, the biggest question on this TV Addict’s mind is how will I be able to survive two months with no heroes?

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  • Sam

    LOST has made me love the good ol flashback and last nights Heroes was easily the best of the entire series so far. I agree with all your points. I’m really curious to find out exactly how it is Sylar obtains other peoples powers.

    The one thing that interested me the most about last night was how Mr. Bennett already knew the Haitain and about abilites and things long before Claire.

    Something confuses me about Nikki though. Sylar (and Chandra) discovered that there is a genetic anamoly in the brain that gives everyone their powers. Everyone’s abilities makes sense when looked at from that perspective accept Nikki. What kind of genetic anamoly allows you to become two people at once? Theoretically if Nikki (or Jessica) had this genetic anamoly but were both alive and well they technically wouldn’t have a power at all since there wouldn’t be any way for them to become two people through that theory.

    On a side note, I can’t be certain, but wasn’t some big name celebrity supposed to be playing Sylar? Maybe that was just rumors. The actor who currently plays him is recognizable but not so much I can name anything he’s been in without looking him up on IMDB.

  • tdot

    have I missed the heroes prieview for next week , if u could post a link . thatd be AWESOME!

  • That was just an imdb rumor. They said that Sean Bean will play Sylar.

  • tdot, did you get screwed by Global to. I hate when Global TV (in Canada) screws around with the US feed and cuts off the preview.

  • tdot

    THX paul. for the preview!
    Yeah tvaddict(daniel) i did get screwed on the prison break preview and the Heroes preview.
    I have digital cable so i can watch shows when they come on, on eastern time.Cause i live in b.c. So think in January iam gonna watch heroes and prison break early.DAMN global!!! Oh how I wish i lived in the states!!!!

  • Sam

    It’s not just Canada. Heroes has, as far as I know, always ran at least one minute longer. I always watch live so I always see the previews but a few of my friends TiVo and miss them.