Still Hooked on STUDIO 60

Critics and nay-sayers be damned, I still love STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Last night’s episode was a return to form for the show and only included, get this, one condescending lecture by Aaron Sorkin — this time about why Americans shouldn’t care about box office grosses. Aaron, love you, but really, please don’t tell us what we should be caring about. I love checking out the weekend’s box office receipts, and a lecture from you won’t change anything.

Moving on, got a shout-out on the show. I’m not one to nit-pick, but as much as I love AICN, the site is predominantly about movies. Aaron, next time when you want to give a shout-out to a prominent entertainment related web site, how about showing a little love? (How else will this site evolve into the behemoth that is AICN?)

Howie Mandell hosted Studio 60 this week. Interesting… Memo to NBC shows on the brink of cancellation. I think I’ve discovered how you can stay on the air forever. Just agree to always promote other NBC shows on your own show. (also see: 30 ROCK).

Last night’s episode gave Matt a new assistant, or as I’d like to offically name her: Donna 2.0. I called it from episode one, Susanne is the new Donna for Matt. Where that leaves Danny’s character (the original Josh) I have no idea. But I think there’s a strong possibility that Jordan’s baby may be Danny.

In every office in the NBC (sorry, NBS) head office, there are giant flat-screen TVs with the NBS logo glimmering. Do studio executives in (real life) all really have giant flat-screens with their network logo on it? Is the logo really necessary? I don’t think the execs are going to forget who they’re working for.

And finally, nice to see Christine Lahti’s intrepid reporter character carrying a laptop. Taking notes on a story may be a good idea. Hello, it’s reporting 101.

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  • I want to know if the President on NBC hangs out on the set of SNL as much as Jordan hangs with the cast/crew of Studio 60.

  • Speaking of Presidents….Did anyone else notice the “Bartlett for America’ sign backstage on STUDIO 60 in last week’s episode?

  • Sam

    I gave up on Studio 60 a couple episodes back. It’s just way too pretentious in the way that it’s like it knows its good but constantly has to remind us of that in some annoying way.

  • Common Sense

    Studio 60, while possibly well-produced, will not survive to a 2nd season. It’s holding such a fraction of its lead-in audience. Too expensive to continue, and I’m sure NBC already regrets extending its 1st year.

    On a happier note, who saw that shocking twist coming last night on PRISON BREAK? Wowie, they’ll just kill anyone!! Love the unexpectedness of the show, even if it’s implausible—it’s still fun to watch, and I (shhhh) never miss it! And OH MAN, the look on that person’s face as the camera pulled out from the Chicago Prison cell! ha ha ha

  • CS – I haven’t watched Prison Break in weeks.. I’ve PVR’d it and will watch it during the slow holiday repeat season! The thing with PB is that it’s just to outlandish.. anyone can die. It’s shocking just for shock value. At the core, I don’t really care about the characters like I did in season 1.

  • hey, they were talking about a movie, thats why Aaron used the ainitcoolnews site.

  • jls

    OK, I realy don’t understand all this complaining about AS “telling us what to think”. I mean really? He’s not telling us what to think, he’s telling us what HE thinks. As human beings we all have the ability to decide for ourselves whether we agree or not. I have watched and enjoyed every ep. of this show and have never once felt that an opinion was being forced on me. And I’ve also noticed that he often shows the opposing opinion as well (the John Goodman judge is a prime example).

  • JLS. You’re right. He is telling us what he thinks…. not what to think. But it just comes across as condescending and preachy.

  • hrtsease

    Tuning out on a program like Studio 60, IMHO is a big mistake. Sure it has many flaws, one of them being that Sorkin is trying to avenge past wrongs and put forward a personal agenda. But on top of that, how can you give up on quality writing and a quality cast? Because no matter what Sorkin rants about through his characters, it is said eloquently, sharply, wittily; via quality writing and quality acting.
    And that, in today’s world of television, is rare.
    Sorkin may be putting forward his opinions – but I heartily agree with Judd Hirsch’s character in the first episode. The state that television is in is abysmal. So, please stick with Studio 60.

  • Rena Luis

    I wanted to put it out here for all to hopefully find…I love Studio 60. The cast is great, the writing is awsome, and it’s one of the best show in TV. I heard rumblings that it was going to end after 1 season…I think that would be a shame!

  • Gae Lynne Brown

    I LOVE STUDIO 60! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ANYWAY? EVERYTIME THERE’S A SHOW ON THAT I REALLY LIKE, THEY CANCEL IT. I have a friend who says she loves the show. If you’re going to cancel it at least have the decency to show how it ends, not like you did SURFACE, which is another show I really liked.

    Avid fan