Tuesday’s Must Watch: VERONICA MARS

Tonight’s must watch show is most definitely VERONICA MARS (CW and SunTV 9PM). The episode, written and directed by Mars Mastermind Rob Thomas not only promises to answer all of the questions from the season’s first mystery, it more importantly sets up the second mystery of the season by killing off one of Veronica’s friends. My money’s on Parker. Thoughts?

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  • Sam

    I’m really excited for this. Kill of Parker? You know, they tried to get Veronica ‘tied’ to the rapes by using her to do it to some degree, and I didn’t care. I don’t know how much I’d care if they used her again to ‘tie’ Veronica to the next mystery by killing her.

    I really hope it isn’t Wallace or Mac. OMG I just had a thought. What if it’s Weevil? Then again, how much would Veronica care there…

  • It’s a shame I’m working tonight, and work doesn’t have the superstations on their analogue cable. But I’ll have you know I’m taping it. And I will watch it tomorrow morning. During coffee and after SportsCentre

  • What is this ‘taping’ thing you’re talking about 🙂

  • jo

    Roni would care if Weevil died, but I don’t think it’ll be him. I think it’s Dean O’Dell’s wife getting killed.

  • K

    What about dick casablancas? If they killed him off – she wouldnt care much but would probably help to solve the mystery because he was Logan’s friend.

  • Taping is like an antiquated version of “DVR-ing” or “Sling-ing” in which audio and video information is stored on a ribbon of magnetic tape incased in a plastic contraption.

  • I’m actually thinking it could be Dean O’Dell that gets offed.

  • Yeah that’s a good call. We’ll find out in T-Minus 20 Minutes…

  • Common Sense

    See, that’s what I get for surfing around on the computer while trying to watch VM.

    Now exactly who the frak is this guy who was the rapist, besides the guy standing next to Logan at that frat party? And the other curly-haired accomplice?—he’s like on the “call & rescue” team, is that right?

    And what the Shat did that guy pull out of the bloody leg? I thought Veronica just hit him with a hammer. That looked like a nail. Did I miss that, too?

    Well, off to Boston Legal….

    Answers, please! HELP

  • Sam

    Shame on you CS. How could you not fully pay attention to VM. I’m not gonna tell you what you missed just to spite you. 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Sam, dude….while poor Candice Bergen remains tied up by Capote’s protoge & we’re in a commercial, you simply must enlighten a fellow VM watcher, lest my 8 weeks of peripheal viewing be for nought! (Actually, TVA should’ve blogged tonight, to keep me on my toes)

  • Thelma

    I absolutely loved tonight’s episode of Veronica Mars. Spoiler for those who haven’t seen it yet. I didn’t even mind that Logan broke up with Veronica. You could still see throughout the episode that he cared and I think that it served as a wake up call for Veronica. Veronica actually let Logan help her with something and the ending was excellent. Okay, does anyone else find themselves routing for LoVe more now that they are apart? I know that I am, if it happens slowly. I am tired of the whole get together and break up portion of Veronica and Logan’s relationship. I would love to see them realize they love each other and try to start over very slowly. Like by becoming friends and building a firm foundation for a lasting relationship.
    I totally had it pegged who one of the rapist was but the other surprised me. I will have to rewatch this season’s arc to see what I missed. Sometimes the mysteries on Veronica Mars are better once you know who did it. For example, last season I wasn’t that excited about VM’s mystery of the bus crash. However, when I watched it again, I loved it.