Danny Devito Drunk on THE VIEW

With the exception of the COLBERT REPORT and THE DAILY SHOW, I no longer watch talk shows any longer. I simply can’t stand the generic celebrity interviews that are completely rehearsed with a publicist standing close by to make sure we only see the actor’s incredibly fake public persona. Yet once in a while, a celebrity goes off the edge (ie. Tom Sellick on ROSIE a few years back, Tom Cruise on OPRAH, or Farrah Fawcett on LETTERMAN), and for those rare occurences, I’m thankful for YouTube.

Today, Danny DeVito was on THE VIEW. He was completely drunk [allegedly] and apparently had yet to go to sleep from a dunken night out with George Clooney. His interview is hysterical, real and quite unbelievable. It’s shocking to see, for once, a celebrities real personality. I honestly can’t believe he was allowed on the air. Check the clip out for yourself above.

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  • Did all the PR agents in Hollywood go on strike for the past two years? Tom, Mel, Michael Richards, Rosie, Kelly Ripa, Isaiah Washington? What’s going on?

  • Jesse

    i absolutely love the view, i never really watched before rosie but i checked it out and am hooked for this exact reason, there is never a shortage of shenanigans on this show, its funny, awkward, relevant and youtube worthy television every week, i mean drunken devito, rosie v. ripa a whole segment on celebutants and why they dont wear panties I…LUV….IT