Gilmore Girls: Ode to Luke

This morning I was out walking my (amazing/adorable) dog Mac when I ran into my mom walking her dog Wally (cute, but not quite Mac cute!). The first words out of my mom’s mouth were, “I can’t stand that Christopher!” I of course was intrigued and asked my mom to elaborate, “He ruined everyone’s fun,” Mom continued, “I can’t believe he just gave the town all that money. Nobody got a chance to knit!” Yup my mom hit the proverbial nail on the head, or is it knitting stick in the ball of yarn (I really have to work on my knitting terminology!). Clearly Christopher doesn’t get it — and now the question is — how long until Lorelai catches on.

Serious kudos must go out to Lorelai’s ex, Luke, for possibly his best scene ever (it’s about time he fought for something!). He gave Anna an earful and proved that not only is he worthy of Lorelai’s love, he’s completely right about his rights as a parent. After-all, it’s not as if he was an absentee dad (say, like Christopher). He never knew about April, and would have been there had he know. Mabye Luke can hire HIS ex-wife, that lawyer chick who’s name escapes me to defend him in a custody battle!

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  • Her name was Nicole Leahy (sp?) hehe.

    I hated her.

    Luke’s love interests are ALWAYS boring.

  • Anne

    I’m feeling Christopher/Lorelai more than Luke/Lorelai. Luke always bored me.

  • Anne y Mohammad , sois de los pocos que piensan asi y por lo que se ve de lo que va a pasar lo teneis crudo , asi que divertios mientras podais

  • Common Sense

    Jackson is nearly as annoying as Taylor, and yet “he’s” the guy you have to impress in Stars Hollow? Remind me to get my fruit at Acme.

    Agree w/ Addict: Luke said what needed to be said to Anna. You don’t just rip a girl away from her newfound father like that. He showed pretty remarkable restraint in the situation, I’d say.

    Sooooo, we’re promised a pretty earth-shattering One Tree Hill episode tonight. I’m sure the bookie/blackmailer will be killed, but I still want to see who knows that Dan shot his brother.

  • Christina

    Your mom rules!!!

  • Maggie

    Aw, I like Christopher. He and Lorelai are really natural with one another.

  • My cat’s name is Mac. 🙂

  • Mom

    What do you mean by cute but not Mac cute! Wally is very upset by this comment from Uncle Dan. Think after we do the xmas photos, we should let your audience decied.

  • Jam Hands

    How anyone in their right mind or with a maturity level exceeding 12 could favor Chris over Luke is beyond me. I mean, if you currently have a poster of Kevin Federline on your wall, ok then–Chris is your type. I mean he’s such a cute little smarmy rich boy. Luke, however, is all about substance–very manly, sexy substance.

  • Luke is a great guy and absolutly deserves custody with April. As for Chris I actually think HE did a great job as a husband but just isn’t right for Lorelai. Plus he’s really boring. I miss Luke!