theTVaddict Recommends: Grosse Pointe on DVD

What an exciting unexpected early holiday surprise! Darren Star’s brilliant and underappreciated WB gem, GROSSE POINTE (The Complete Series), just arrived at my door. I honestly didn’t expect this. While I pre-ordered the DVD a month ago, I recently was notified [much to my disappointment] by that the DVD was delayed until January for no apparent reason. For those of you unfamiliar with GROSSE POINTE, below is the description that tells it all:

Like Fox’s Action, Grosse Pointe is a single-camera, behind-the-scenes comedy that didn’t get the chance to find the audience it deserved. With the success of HBO’s Entourage a few years later, it’s possible that the timing was simply off as this devilishly entertaining melodrama should’ve been a hit with fans of Darren Star’s Beverly Hills 90210 and Sex and the City. It’s essentially a spot-on satire of the former, as well as the actors who made it into a cultural touchstone in the 1990s. Created by Star, the show-within-a-show played the game while breaking the rules. In other words, the five attractive leads, all actors on high school soap Grosse Pointe, aren’t exactly model citizens (and the occasional in-jokes at the WB’s expense can’t have won Star many points with the network brass). There’s dumb stud Johnny (ex-model Al Santos), terminally insecure Marcy (Lindsay Sloane, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), fresh-faced Courtney (Bonnie Somerville, NYPD Blue), scheming Hunter (Irene Molloy, Andy Richter Controls the Universe), and 30-year-old teen Quentin (Kohl Sudduth channeling Luke Perry).

GROSSE POINTE is now available exclusively on for a mere $21.36. Fan of 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK, THE OC, ENTOURAGE, ACTION! and quality television in general will not be disappointed.

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  • This show was totally great but I think slightly ahead of its time. Irene Molloy now has been in two great sitcoms cut too short (Andy Richter Controls the Universe)

  • One of the best comedies on television in the last ten years. So funny and so well performed. I think they should bring it back as it is all still so relevant and funny. This behind the scenes look at a television show didn’t have to be preachy and insulting to its audience like some shows in recent memory!

    I can’t wait to watch it on DVD and hear the commentaries.

  • Sam

    That certainly sucks. It must be the Canadian Amazon site that was delayed as mine was in stock when I ordered my copy a couple of days ago. I should get it by the end of the week, I can’t wait.

  • Actually, I ordered it off (as it wasn’t available on the .ca web site). But I think now if anyone orders it you’ll get it right away.

    Vance – Sadly, I don’t think the show was ahead of its time. I just think it was one of the many hollywood behind-the-scenes shows (ala ACTION, THE COMEBACK etc) that only a small segment of the population – a really smart and intelligent segment – care for.


    Holy crap, this show was great. It was Must-See TV in our house… now if only they would release another past favorite, The Powers That Be, on DVD. Or at least rerun it somewhere. And maybe a special package of Charro episodes of The Love Boat!

  • Stella

    I just got mine too! I surprised the crap out of me! But, yay! I watch the first few and it’s just as good as I remember. They really missed out when they cancelled this show.