VERONICA MARS Scores Big in the Ratings

Loved it or hated it you tuned in! According to the CW, VERONICA MARS delivered its best ratings EVER in adults 18-34 and adults 18-49. GILMORE GIRLS also climbed to new season highs in adults 18-49 and viewers (4.9 million viewers). In addition to series highs, VERONICA MARS delivered its second largest audience ever (3.44 million viewers) and second highest ratings in women 18-49. With such positive ratings news, this TV Addict wonders if VERONICA may find her season pushed back to a regular twenty-two episode order.

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  • [fingers crossed]

  • Sam

    So far the CW hasn’t shown to have a nack to make great decisions (Everwood anyone?) Watch them piss off even more people by not giving VM the two extra episodes is deserves.

  • Kristin has a new interview with Rob Thomas on her site.

    Who else wants a “Ask me about my STD’s” t-shirt?

  • I WANT ONE! but i’m stuck here in asia

  • Geri

    Hey, if they manage to keep up those numbers, we are good to go for a 4th season but well it will be a tough, tough road, that´s for sure. Anyway it seems like the action oriented previews actually are better than the constant LoVe-angst promos we had in the past although their scenes were only like 10 procent of the episodes.

    For example why didn´t they use Keith´s car crash in the promos a couple of weeks back? It scared the hell out of everyone as we all had no idea but still…sometimes you just have to give up the best scenes for the promos, works with other shows.

    Plus: The Spit & Eggs opener was just fantastic.

    So if I am correct, Hidden Palms will probably take Veronica´s slot after the second mystery arc. I´ve seen the pilot and uhm…Kevin Williamson, you can do much better! I am not sure if there will be any viewers older than 15, it looks like a show on Nickelodeon!

  • Common Sense

    Geri, where can we get a look at the Hidden Palms pilot? I’ve read comments by others who’ve seen it, saying they really like it.

    As for VM, this past week’s promo certainly was the most-exciting we’ve seen this season. Overall, the promos haven’t been very good, whereas as show like “House” consistently delivers promos that make a viewer want to tune in. When your show lags in the ratings, you can’t discount the power of promotion.

  • i don’t understand how the cw thinks.
    it’s just 2 episodes.

  • Geri

    Common Sense, you may want to check Hidden Palms on Wikipedia and have a look at the links.