MUST SEE TV Returns Tonight

The night sweeps ends is generally the start of December repeats, endless holiday specials and this TV Addict curled up in a ball, shedding a tear or two because we won’t be seeing new episodes of many of our favourite shows until January. But thanks to the return of MUST SEE TV on NBC tonight, rival networks are not taking any chances. So my fellow TV addicts, turn that frown upsidedown, set your PVR to record, order a pizza, and enjoy the most jam-packed night of television in recent memory.

On NBC, we have (as the giant image above alludes to) the return of MUST SEE TV. Tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE (8:30 NBC) is written by none other then the two creative geniuses who originated the British version, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The episode, entitled “The Convict” revolves around Michael learning that one of his employees once spent time in prison (my money’s on Creed).

Following THE OFFICE is possibly my favourite comedy ever, SCRUBS (9PM NBC). In the brilliant sixth season premiere we watch as JD tries to deal with the fact he’s gotten his girlfriend (guest star Elizabeth Banks) pregnant. Don’t miss the opening five minutes, or you’ll be missing a surprise trip to Vegas, the Blue Man Group, a scene in a Vegas wedding chapel and the entire gang at Sacred Heart grooving to the tune of ‘NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye.

Closing out the night is 30 ROCK (9PM NBC). While the show started off a bit rough around the edges, it has definitely grown on this TV addict thanks to standout performances by Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. In tonight’s episode Liz finds herself getting back with her ex-boyfriend in order to spice up her boring life.

As I mentioned earlier, networks aren’t going to rest on their laurels and allow America to fall in love yet again with MUST SEE TV Thursdays. Thus ABC is pulling out all the stops, rolling out new episodes of UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY and MEN IN TREES. Yup, a quick reminder to all you Anne Heche fans — MEN IN TREES is moving to Thursdays at 10PM, replacing the little watched SIX DEGREES. And finally, THE OC is having its best season yet and is all new tonight at 9PM on FOX.

Yes I realize, eight shows in a night are a challenge, but I know we can do it. Think positive, drink some coffee get comfortable and be thankful the CW is airing reruns of SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL tonight!

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