Entertainment Weekly has just posted a great interview with the Brown Bear himself Chris Turk (actor Donald Faison), where he talks about everything SCRUBS. Click here to check it out.

According to Kristin over at Eonline, VERONICA MARS show-runner Rob Thomas and the CW are contemplating eliminating the big over-arching mysteries that have been the tradmark of VERONICA MARS thus far. Having been disappointed with this season’s Hearst Rapist story-line, this TV Addict definitely agrees with this decision. Not only will it open up the show to the more causal viewer, it may give us more time with the supporting characters (Weevil, Mac, Piz and Parker) who we’ve hardly got to spend any time with this season.

3 LBS we hardly knew ya. After a mere three weeks, CBS’s hour long medical drama has gotten the axe. While the network no doubt assumed that combining elements of HOUSE, CSI and GREY’S ANATOMY was enough to replicate a hit, they forgot three significant ingredients — Hugh Laurie, William Peterson and the writing of Sondra Rhimes. Better luck next time CBS.

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  • Tonya

    I question the decision to take away the major story archs–it leaves less to look forward to for future episodes if you have a conclusion at the end of every episode. Rob and writers just need to step it up and get back to the VM we all know and love!!

  • While I definitely agree with your right to be skeptical, I think mini-story archs didn’t really work. And while I enjoyed the season long archs, it pretty much makes it impossible for the show to attract the casual fan. Thus in order for VERONICA to stay on the air, it looks like we’ll see how no archs go for a while!

    Keep in mind, relationships will still be streched across episodes – so there will be some form of contiuation, just not mysteries.

  • Sam

    I have mixed feelings on the matter. I like the long arcs because it’s more satisfying to see the payoff at the end. However I also love all the smaller cases Veronica takes on as well. I don’t know what to think of this.

  • Thelma

    I am not sure how I feel about taking away the season long arcs. I was a bit disappointed in this season’s serial rapist arc, but that was because I didn’t really know very many of the characters affected by the crime. Even Veronica who I know was affected didn’t really show it all that much. I think the main problem with the rapist arc is that we were getting to know Veronica in a new environment and with her being around new people. If they do decide to take a break on the arcs, might I suggest a storyline of Veronica dealing with all that has happened to her the past few years. The girl has issues and episode 3.09 was the first time that I felt she was dealing with any emotion whatsoever. I wouldn’t completely do away with the mystery arcs, but maybe take a break to have the characters deal with what all has happened. This show is really great in getting us intrigued in who did it, but dealing with the fallout is not VM’s strong suit. Whatever keeps Veronica Mars on the air, I am all for. Oh and of course I love LoVe!

  • i don’t like that idea very much…
    so are we gonna get mysteries like the stolen dogs one in season one?
    because most of the one episode ones are really, really bad.

  • tdot

    When do we get a new podast!!??
    : )

  • tdot

    When do we get a new podast!!??
    : )

    i’ll support VEeronica in any direaction the show takes…

  • tdot – we’re recording a new podcast today. It will be posted either today or tomorrow. thanks for asking!

  • Cory

    I am concerned if Veronica Mars goes to single episode mysteries. One of the big draws of the show is having the little pieces of the case fall into place. While I may not have liked the rapist arc i feel the dean odell murder feels very personal again and a lot of possibilities have opened up.