GREY’S ANATOMY: Ending the Year on a High Note

First off dear readers, I’m going to need a little assistance today, as unfortunately I missed the final minute or two of last night’s phenomenal episode of GREY’S ANATOMY. Thanks to the ridiculous way Canadian Television works, I ended off with Meredith hugging her Mom, did anything else happen?

Putting my scheduling snafu aside, I would like to proclaim last night’s episode of GREY’S the best of the season. Truth be told, I’ve been finding GREY’S a little formulaic lately. A patient comes in and through his or her troubles, Meredith and the Doctor’s learn a little bit more about themselves. Each week was almost evolving into a very special episode of FAMILY TIES.

With last night’s episode, our noble doctor’s learned more about themselves, but not via their patients, through their interactions with each other. Dr. Bailey and McDreamy (Great pep talk Bailey), Izzie and McSteamy (“I don’t do coffee”), Dr. Bailey and the Chief (“You raised them like children”), George and Burke (Burke narrating George’s father’s surgery), Christina and Burke (Christina joining Burke on the elevator at the end of the episode)… well you get the idea. Pretty much every character had a nice moment to end 2006 on a positive note. The only downside — the wait until January until new episodes. Holiday reruns, Ba-Hambug!

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  • Dominique

    Seriously can we have a petition to have canadian channels stopped ruinning our shows with their stupid switches between channels. Not only did I miss the end (saw the hug and that was it) because another canadian channel took the feed of abc at 10 PM but I also missed the beginning because ASN was showing ER while they usually show Grey’s at the same time of ABC. I HATE Canadian channels…. hate them….

  • Dominique, I feel your pain.

    But to be honest, only recently has this started to effect me.

    All this fall, I’ve been watching the HD feeds, which never got ‘taken over’ by the Canadian networks. But recently things have been changing. CityTV has taken over UGLY BETTY and MEN IN TREES (messing up my GREY’S problem) and Global has hijacked PRISON BREAK and HEROES.

  • Sam

    I guess the network was sweeter to you than you thought tvaddict considering Meredith hugging her mom is exactly how the show ended here as well. So no, you didn’t miss anything.

    My favorite part of the episode was Meredith telling everyone to lay off Christina because they’d all made mistakes as well. Now all they have to do is convince George to forgive her. Eventually.

    You’re right tvaddict, last night was possibly the best episode of this season.

  • Nimisha

    First off just wanted to say that you have an awesome site! Found it while trying to find out what happend to Beverly Hills Season 5. And I love my PVR too… but it has been giving me some real problems last 2 weeks and Rogers doesnt seem to want to fix it. Technical glitches they keep saying, well i keep missing my fave shows! I was just wondering if anyone else out there in tv land knows what is going on, or is it happening to more people? ANY ideas on how to fix it?