SCRUBS the Musical! Preview

Apparently delivering stellar comedy for six seasons wasn’t enough of a challenge for SCRUBS creator Bill Lawrence — he just had to take on Broadway. In its sixth [and possibly final season] Bill Lawrence, with the help of the brilliant creators of Broadway’s AVENUE Q present SCRUBS: THE MUSICAL!. The episode, airing in five weeks, revolves around an actual medical case of a woman who had an aneurism that resulted in her seeing everything as a musical. While there is no doubt that the episode will be a hit, this TV Addict thinks the bigger question is how long until some enterprising producer decides to stage an actual version of SCRUBS: THE MUSICAL? After-all, in a recent interview with, Zach Braff [a self-proclaimed theatre nerd himself] said, “At some point in my career I’d like to sing ‘Corner of the Sky’ on Broadway.”

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  • becky

    That is one of the funiest things I have EVER seen! I love Scrubs so much, it is soooo funny! I love it.


    Holy crap. I’ve never actually watched Scrubs, despite being told by basically everyone on the planet I should. The few times I tried, I got a few minutes in and said, “Yeah, this just isn’t for me.” But THIS episode I will watch. That was positively hysterical.