THE OC: I Love Taylor

As much as I enjoyed last night’s episode of THE OC, I was shocked and saddened by the duplicitous and un-loyal behavior of Chris Pratt’s character Ché. Does he not remember any of the ‘lessons’ he learned in EVERWOOD? Bright would never betray a friend like that! Of course if Summer is actually expelled from Brown, it’s quite a creative and unexpected way to get her back to Newport Beach. I wonder if she’d live in her father’s house that is currently occupied by Julie Cooper Nichol Roberts?

Speaking of Miss Cooper, I must say I’m loving her love/hate relationship with daughter Katilin). Watching actress Willa Holland last night, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much she resembles her deceased older sister Marissa.

Finally Taylor is to THE OC what Paris is to GILMORE GIRLS. Only she could pull off a line like, “What do you do when you really like a boy and you’ve already tried to pretend to be his sleep therapist?” Autumn Reeser has done a brilliant job making us fall in love with her adorably nuts Taylor Townsend. This TV Addict wonders how long until Ryan follows suit?

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  • Sam

    Maybe we should start some kind of club for the girl. She is after all one of the main reasons to watch the show this year (or only reason). The Taylor Townsend Saving Grace Club? Any takers?

  • Todd W in NC

    I totally agree about Taylor. She’s the reason to watch The O.C. this season. I couldn’t stand her a season or two ago when she was trying to break up Seth and Summer. She makes a much better friend than enemy to our three regulars.

    She and Ryan don’t seem to be an obvious fit, so I like the fact that the writers addressed that. At least one character said aloud that they don’t seem to fit, and then they show Ryan and Taylor finishing each other’s thoughts. They make be good together afterall.

    I loved the way she chased after Ryan. Even though it was silly at times, they make Taylor seem sweet but sexy, savvy yet clueless, and unstoppable but well-intentioned. I couldn’t stand Marissa, so I am so happy to see that Taylor may be the one to replace her in Ryan’s life. This is the best girl they’ve set Ryan up with since Kirsten’s half-sister (can’t remember her name, but I really liked her, and I wish they hadn’t invested so much time in that storyline only to abandon it, killing off Caleb and having the girl and her mom move away–never to be heard from again).

    I think Ryan and Taylor together might still feel a little awkward for another episode or two, but I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.