Random TV Tidbits: 30 ROCK Renewed

This March, the ladies of Wisteria Lane will find out they’re not the only wives with secrets bubbling just beneath the surface. Lifetime is gearing up to begin production on a new weekly series titled ARMY WIVES, described as following “the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women – and one man – whose military spouses and families live on an active Army post.” Among the confirmed cast members are Kim Delaney (NYPD BLUE) and Catherine Bell (JAG). In other Lifetime news, the network recently announced the cancellations of the improved comedy LOVESPRING INTERNATIONAL (which will be missed) and drama ANGELA’S EYES (which probably won’t). WIVES – which is based on the book Under The Sabers: The Unwritten Code Of Army Wives by Tanya Biank – will film on location in Charleston, South Carolina

Could NBC finally be waking up to the fact that viewers may be wary of throwing their support behind a series if the network is unwilling to do so? Perhaps at last remembering that such classic hits as CHEERS were not an immediate hit with fans, NBC — hot on the heels of having given full-season commitments to the struggling critical darlings STUDIO 60 and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS — will allow Tina Fey’s 30 ROCK to see out the season. Of course, the big question hanging over the show is whether or not star Tracy Morgan will be available to film after January 4th, which is when he heads back to court on DUI charges. Because Morgan was on probation from a previous DUI charge which occurred in December of 2005, a judge could sentence the actor to spend up to a year behind bars. (Of course, if that means more screen-time for Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, perhaps Morgan’s incarceration will be a blessing in disguise for fans of the series.)

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  • Common Sense

    I MUST VENT about “30 Rock”…… Watched it the other night (too lazy to change channel after The Office & Scrubs). Really wanted to laugh. Didn’t. Then spotted Rachel Dratch’s eyes in the shadows (supposedly as Liz Taylor). Wasted, wasted….

    Just read Media Village interview with Justin Hartley (Green Arrow), who’s got a film coming out, where he plays Rachel’s love-interest-all-in-her-mind. Here is his reply, regarding Rachel, which can make you laugh just THINKING about it:

    MV: What was Rachel Dratch like to work with?

    JH: She can make you laugh at the same thing 100 different ways. I felt so bad, because I have hardly ever worked with anyone that funny, and there were so many blown takes. She would do something, and — it was so unprofessional, you shouldn’t do this but I’m human, I couldn’t help it — she would do something, and it was just great comedy, and I would just laugh. And I’m like, I can’t laugh, I’m blowing her take! And they would do it again and she’d be even funnier. Rachel’s delivery is hilarious. You’re laughing at the delivery, and then when you try to focus back on what you’re doing and you look at her face, and her reaction to your reaction, she makes you start laughing again. I don’t think she knows how funny she is. She’s really sweet and down to earth. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


    Thoughts? Replies from NBC exec?

  • The original, unaired pilot – before they “retooled” the show to make it more Tracy Morgan heavy and bring in Jane Krakowski’s character – was SO much funnier. Rachel played an actual character instead of this ridiculous “rotating thing” she’s doing now. I hope to God Tina at least has the decency to be mortified that she got her friend to leave SNL for this drecky role. It’s really unfair. Hell, Rachel doesn’t even get billing in the credits in this version! I can’t help but wonder how the ratings would be if the original pilot had aired…