theTVaddict Video: GROSSE POINTE

Introducing a TV Addict First — VIDEO! No not that kind of video, please people, get your head out of the gutter. This video is actually the first two minutes from one one of television’s one season wonders — Darren Star’s short-lived WB gem GROSSE POINTE. GROSSE POINTE is a phenomenal behind-the-scenes-satire that chronicles the on-screen and off-screen drama of five attractive ‘teens’ as they deal with all the trappings of being on a hit show. There’s dumb stud Johnny (ex-model Al Santos), terminally insecure Marcy (Lindsay Sloane, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), fresh-faced Courtney (Bonnie Somerville, NYPD Blue), scheming Hunter (Irene Molloy, Andy Richter Controls the Universe), and 30-year-old teen Quentin (Kohl Sudduth channeling Luke Perry).

The series is currently available exclusively at for a mere $21.36 and is the perfect holiday gift for the TV Addict in your life.

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    What a fantastic show… and I mean, how can you not love a show that uses, if I’m not mistaken, Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb in the opening credits? But what ever happened to Al Santos? I totally thought that guy would have a great career… but in the end, not so much…

  • You’re not mistaken. The opening theme is Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb. Oddly enough, on the DVD, only the first episode of each disk plays the entire theme. I wonder if Sony Television was to cheap to buy the rights to the song for seventeen episodes. Not that I’m complaining, frankly I’m just happy the show was released on DVD….. Hmmm hear that Warner Bros… i think it’s time we see EVERWOOD!

  • Wow, the line about Felicity is great.