And the Post-Super Bowl Award Goes To…

There are only two reasons to watch the Super Bowl — commercials during the telecast and the television program following the big game. Now thanks to CBS, it looks like the commercials will be the only highlight of the night for this TV Addict.

This morning, CBS announced that its generic procedural drama CRIMINAL MINDS has been awarded the much coveted post-Super Bowl time-slot. While I have nothing against CSI, sorry CRIMINAL MINDS, it definitely is not worthy of the post-Super Bowl timeslot. Such a coveted time period in the past has gone to truly special shows — ALIAS, GREY’S ANATOMY and THE SIMPSONS to name a few. CRIMINAL MINDS, while no doubt entertaining to fans of the procedural drama, is not in the same league as the previous mentioned shows.

It is this TV Addict’s opinion that HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER deserved the big post-Super Bowl promotional push. Not only is the series the funniest comedy on TV, Robin Sparkles would have been a huge hit during the half time show. Wardrobe malfunction anyone?

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  • Don’t be dissin’ Criminal Minds. It’s the smartest crime show out there. Sure it ain’t as slick as the CSI and other Bruckheimer-paloozas of TV but it’s plain ol’ smart and actually beat LOST and CSI in viewer ship a few weeks back. Not that it deserved to beat out LOST though but theres much worse fair that could show up post-SB. But the the SB and it’s commercials are consumer bubble-gum crap, pardon my French.

  • What a moronic waste of a prime timeslot. For God’s sake, what ever happened to using the slot to bolster a show that might not be doing well? Criminal Minds does very well. Why not give it to a struggling show like The Class? Or – and I know this sounds crazy – but why not bolster the failing daytime line-up by showing special episodes of The YOung & The Restless and The Bold & The Beautiful? It would be a daring move… oh, wait, networks don’t take risks any more. Silly me.

  • Common Sense

    Well, I gave HIMYMother another try tonight, since Addict and others seem so keen on it (“best comedy on TV?????”) Not funny at all. Hey, I’m a funny dude and love to laugh, but that show ain’t gettin’ it done. I’ve laughed harder—-SERIOUSLY—-at the promo for the return of King of Queens (Arthur wanting to get braces….Doug asking “For your LEGS?”) than at any single moment of HIMYMother. Cute & likeable cast, for sure. Just not funny, including the trying-way-too-hard “Ted.” The Office just buries this sitcom.

    Sure hope Studio 60 picks up the pace later. The Class is not good, either.

  • Frank

    i think CBS made a smart move, while i dont watch criminal minds or agree with their decision, The post superobowl slot did wonders for Greys Anatomy last year. It wasnt the #1 mega hit it was today until that bomb episode aired. CBS is probally hoping for the same success

  • Sam

    That’s the problem with the superbowl being on CBS. The vast majority of their shows are ‘standard’ variations of the other shows on the network. Truthfully, there isn’t a single show on the network I would have been happy seeing after the superbowl.

    If it were on ABC or NBC however…

  • James

    Enough with the Robin Sparkles references. It was not THAT funny. Could you imagine 40 million Americans having to watch the brainchild of such comic geniuses that is ROBIN SPARKLES. Robin Sparkles can’t be that funny because Robin, the character, is not that funny herself. She is plain and just provides the other characters with a platform to make jokes from.

    Btw, I agree with Common Sense. KoQ is the best comedy on CBS and has been one of the most underrated comedies of the past few years.