Smile it’s Monday! The Backlot #2

the backlot comic 2

To check out last week’s Installment of THE BACKLOT (#1) click here.

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  • Frank

    is this a original? Because if it is your’re a genius.

  • Yes it is, thanks for the kind words.

  • Sam

    Wow you’re such a talented artist! This one is even better than last weeks and just as funny. Definitely keep up the great work!

  • Common Sense

    Honestly, this (and last week’s) cartoon is funnier than most anything of its kind. No lie. You need to try and syndicate “The Backlot” on a weekly basis, either in Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Electronic Media…one of the industry trades. Perhaps even Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide. If you’ve got the ideas, satirical material like this will always be a sell-able commodity.

    Anyone have connections who can steer the Addict in the right direction?

  • Frank

    seriously Common Sense is right, i thought you had lifted this stuff from a trade magazine, the world and industry heads need to see this!