HEROES: The Over-Hyped Fall Finale

Was anyone else disappointed by last night’s overly-hyped fall finale of HEROES? I’m not sure the episode really delivered on that ‘stunning climax’ the NBC marketing machine had brainwashed us to believe was coming. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode and found ‘Fallout’ overall quite enjoyable. I just wrongly assumed that I really would be left with a jaw-dropping finale.

I think to ensure I enjoy this show in the future, New Year’s resolution number one may have to be to stop believing anything that NBC promises. HEROES will be far more enjoyable if I lower my expectations just a bit. That said, the episode had some really interesting scenes, and I’d like to elaborate on a few below:

I’m really enjoying Mr. Horn Rimmed Glasses. What exactly is his job? Is it somehow government related? Who is his Boss? He definitely was answering to someone on his cell phone, I wonder who.

Nice to see Isaac doesn’t need to be high all the time to paint. While the dinosaur was indeed surprising, the great thing about HEROES is that that we may never see that scene. Who knows how far in the future Isaac paints.

Claire and Peter had a great scene together, as Claire realizes for the first time that she isn’t alone. Peter truly is a hero, having saved Claire’s life with no thought of his own.

Eden was the big death? really. Damn you NBC Marketing!

The Haitian finally spoke, and told us that he is going against his bosses wishes. I wonder who his boss really is and why Claire’s only friend had to have his memory wiped.

Finally, the Niki/Jessica story-line just isn’t working. Let’s hope that the second half of the season, Ali Larter has something more interesting to do. I really don’t care about her story and find myself anxious to fast forward (or ‘Sookie’) through all of her scenes.

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  • are you oin the list?

  • on… d’oh

  • Let the overhyping begin……. I have to say though, whenever I think of ‘list’ I think of the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ so i’m not sure how much I like this new line courtesy of NBC.

    Also, I wonder how long until ‘Are You On The List’ tshirts arrive on cafepress…. my guess, by the end of the day!

  • I was actually pretty impressed with this episode. Since I watch very little else on NBC, maybe I was immune to its hype this time around.

    I agree that the episode wasn’t jaw-dropping, but I’m really happy to see that the heroes’ paths are starting to converge.

    I’m actually glad that Eden was the hero who died, because I like most of the other characters. I could do without Isaac or Niki, but I want to see the other characters endure for a while. However, suicide always makes me uncomfortable, so while it may have been necessary to keep Sylar from stealing her power, I still hate the way Eden had to die.

    I also concur that the Niki/Jessica storyline isn’t working so far. I’m hoping that it’s not supposed to be working quite yet and that the creators are intentionally ramping up that subplot slowly with really good intentions for it by the end of the season.

    It’s a shame that Peter is the “exploding man.” He’s one of the better characters, and I doubt they would let NYC get destroyed, so surely he, the city, and the other heroes will get saved. Funny, though that we still don’t know exactly why saving the cheerleader saves the world. To me it looks like the slogan should be, “Save the hospice nurse from exploding, save New York City.” But, that doesn’t sound as catchy. 😉

    Oh, and good call by the way, regarding CafePress. It is 9:24 AM EST the morning after the episode and there are already 38 “Are You on the List” designs on CafePress. 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Caught the last 5 or 10 min. of HEROES, and I can see why there’s so much cult-hype. Just don’t want to get involved with another Lost-type serial right now. Also, whenever I see that husband of the mouthy Dixie Chick (can’t recall his name), I just think of her…yuck. Mad TV’s parody of her Sat. night was dead-on.

    As for Studio 60, I love Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson from their “Jack & Jill” days; but I fell asleep about 10 minutes into the show. Let’s be honest: this show will not improve upon its ratings/numbers at all from where it’s at right now. It’s a niche show for a particular viewer, and from what I saw, there’s not enough to draw me back. Maybe the last 50 minutes was better, or, more likely, you have to be a regular viewer to care about these people.

  • Natalie Maines, and she’s awesome, not “mouthy.”

  • Cal Shanley

    Yikes! Is Common Sense is for real, or is that Aaron Sorkin doing his best parody of a red state stereotype?

  • Sam

    I thought the ‘cliffhanger’ ending worked well because who was expecting the cause of the nuclear disaster to be Peter?

    I like Niki’s storyline partly because I really love Ali Larter but mostly because it’s so complex. Claire, Hiro, and the others with definite abilities, while also complex, are straightforward as well because we know what they can do and that they definitely have abilites. With Niki, it’s still a little confusing to me about all that and I like the confusion, it makes her interesting. HER interesting, not DL, Micah and the rest of that stuff. Just her and only her.

    I think the writers have dug themselves into a hole with that ‘save the cheerleader’ bit. It was probably just supposed to be promotion for the show. Now everyone’s wondering what it has to do with the show. The funny thing is, the writers don’t even have to address that until whatever the last season will be or until the entire world is in peril. Right now it’s just New York. And apparently Odessa, TX.

  • Interesting piece in the NY Post


    Mabye I’m just dense, but I didn’t get that Eden killed herself to ensure Sylar didn’t get her power.

    I just assumed Sylar got her power and ordered her to kill herself.

  • Sam

    I just remembered something else (forgive me, this is the place I choose to rant and ramble about this show) If Sylar’s ‘power’ is understanding what makes people tick, how they work and all that, then why does he need their brains to obtain their power? He didn’t need to open those watches to know they were a point of a second slow or whatever.

    The way I understand it, essentially, they all have powers through genetic manipulation. Wouldn’t understanding the manipulation or mutation be enough for him to some how emulate through chemicals or otherwise? What makes the brain so important is all I’m asking, especially since Eden seemed to know well enough to kill herself when it was apparent her powers didn’t work.

  • Sam, I think you’re reading a little too much into Syler… this is afterall a TV show about people who can fly. I’m not sure everything needs to logically make sense! But way to geek out for two paragraphs!

  • Sam

    Yes I do get way into it. Fortunately I’m only this way with LOST and Heroes so I’m only a geek two days out of the week (one day until Feb).

  • seat42f

    overhyped is right…. while it was good it wasn’t great…. and I’m still not sure what to think about Eden.. all week we heard a “Hero” will fall… is she a hero? or just someone with an ability???? HUGE cop-out to have her death be the fall finale… and unless I missed something Syler couldnt get out of that room until he wanted to???? how the heck did he bust the glass????

  • Sam

    seat42f I believe the Haitian’s power canceling ablility was keeping Sylar from using his own abilities. When he left with Mr. Bennett and to go erase everyone’s memories, that gave him his power back. And if Eden hadn’t gone in there to bother him he probably wouldn’t have even realized that he had use of his powers back.

  • I wondered the same thing about how Sylar was able to use his ability while in the dampening room. I was under the impression that there was something about the room itself rather than the Haitian blocking him. The Haitian (is this guy ever going to get a name?) is a better explanation.

    Seat42F: Regarding the question of whether Eden is a hero… Right now, Peter & Claire are about the only ones who have succeeded at anything heroic, although Hiro has tried. Niki, D.L., and Micah are wrapped up in their own situation. Nathan doesn’t even like having a power. Anything good Matt has done is really more an extenstion of his job as a police officer and FBI assistant. And Isaac was more under the control of his power than the other way around. In these early stages, I think “hero” is just synonymous with anyone who has a special ability, which would include Eden. Down the road, there may be better distinction between who’s a true “hero” and who’s just a rookie with their power, especially if our main characters hone their skills, pick the side of good & justice, and form a cohesive team that does heroic things all the time.

    I also can’t help but wonder if the term “hero” may eventually come to include those who don’t have powers. It could be that Ando, Mohinder, and/or Simone may become heroes by association, even though they don’t have any powers. I can already see Ando being the loyal sidekick and Mohinder the behind-the-scenes brains of the operation. I’m not sure if Simone would be useful to them or not besides a comfort to Peter who is sure to have his share of stress as the likely leader of the group.


    Also, a little off topic, but I really like the vibe I get from Peter and Claire. Obviously, their age difference is way too extreme for anything romantic (maybe 3 or 4 seasons down the road; but not while she’s still in high school), but I’d like to see them build a really strong bond of some other kind, like brother & sister, kindred spirits, that kind of thing.

  • I liked the finale a lot, and I’m not sure if it was overhyped or not. I know that I thought just about every scene was exciting and had me on the edge of my barclounger, but maybe it takes less to entertain me.

    I knew the hero to fall was either going to be Eden or Peter; I have read that a lot of people like Peter and I just don’t see it. He is getting a little better but he’s not my favorite by far,

    which brings me to Nikki – I love her, Nikki and Hiros are my two favorite characters. I have a feeling (hope) that her story is going to end up being one of the more complex ones – I mean her ability seems to be super strength but why does her dead twin sister hold the power? And why is she killing so many people .. I think the heroes are going to end up on two sides and they may be prepping Nikki to be one of the baddies.. No matter what, she’s definitely a character and storyline that I enjoy.