Random TV Tidbits: LOST, The CW and Entertainment Weekly

According to Variety, ABC has decided to move LOST to 10PM when it returns from hiatus on February 7. The move is an effort by the alphabet network to protect one of its best performers from the juggernaut that is AMERICAN IDOL. This TV Addict applauds the move as AMERICAN IDOL is a cultural phenomenon and competing against it is pretty much pointless.

THE CW had finally made it to Itunes. SUPERNATURAL is currently available for download by clicking here. This TV Addict’s question, how long until VERONICA MARS makes an appearance on iTunes. If there’s one show that could benefit from more exposure — and repeat viewings — it’s Neptune’s Hottest Detective.

Was anyone else disappointed with this weeks issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. The issue featured ‘The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide’ which was essentially a six page promotional piece for Entertainment Weekly advertisers. Not only that, EW writers thought that the Microsoft Zune was the perfect gift for the Jim Halpert in your life. Anyone with half a brain knows that Jim Halpert would never own a Zune, he’s an iPod guy all the way. Seriously, a Zune! Who owns that?

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  • Sam

    Hey! I own a Zune! (Not really) I’m assuming that’s some kind of MP3 player since you mentioned Ipod in the next sentence. Zune though? What kind of name is that? Then again, what kind of name was IPOD?

    LOST moving to 10/9c eh? That means 9 for me. So…one hour longer we have to wait for new episodes when they return. Eh, at least it won’t suffer in the ratings.

  • Common Sense

    Will be anxious to see if Criminal Minds on CBS can withstand the Idol nonsense, or whether moving Lost will boost it. At least ABC won’t have to worry about what show’s gonna fail at 10pm after Lost.

    BTW, how awesome was Emily Gilmore’s speech to Lorelai tonight? And how freakin’ overreactive was Chris (punch him harder, Luke), Anna, Marty’s girlfriend, etc. Geez, chill out, folks. And no Sookie for Addict? What’s with dat?

  • I can’t believe ABC blinked in the Lost/Idol showdown. I just hope they’re smart enough to know that the shows left in the 8-10 spot are going to take a hit… I don’t want to see my Betty being sacrificed on the Idol altar!

  • Until I read Common Sense’s comment, I didn’t even factor in Criminal Minds. Guess that explains why CBS has decided to “waste” the post-superbowl slot on that drivel. How wildly disappointing. Personally, I’d have used it for a special, jam-packed episode of Jericho. I’ve tried to watch the show several times, but just haven’t been able to get it. I don’t really feel as if there’s enough sense of a threat looming over the town or, for that matter, the country. But in the end, the show is a medium-sized hit. Giving jericho the post-superbowl slot could have propelled it the the big time.

  • I think you have your answer right there. You’ve watched it several times and don’t get it. How then, would getting millions of half drunk people to half watch a show that it will be near impossible to get in just one episode, help said show?

  • Sam

    I just realized that the move doesn’t make that much sense after all (thanks to tralfaz). LOST is a show ABC knows people would watch or at least hold it’s own against AI. Anything else but Grey’s wouldn’t.