Will Rosie Leave THE VIEW for NIP/TUCK?

According to Access Hollywood, Rosie O’Donnell is preparing to leave THE VIEW for NIP/TUCK. Apparently, during a commercial break on THE VIEW, Rosie told the studio audience that she’s been offered the female lead of the show since Joely Richardson is leaving for a year. According to Access Hollywood:

She said that she’d play the character of Dawn Budge, who was introduced in a guest role this past (the show’s 4th) season. Dawn would be the owner of the plastic surgery center and do things like “sneak Cher in the back door” and then hire paparazzi to take pictures. Rosie added that it would be a 15-week shoot in LA. She didn’t say if she was going to do it, but it sounded very much like she’s leaning towards it.

No word on how this could affect her schedule with THE VIEW, but Rosie has said that she’s only signed on to co-host for one season of Barbara Walters’ morning talk-fest.

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  • Sam

    Please no. I’m not a big Rosie fan. Let’s leave her on the show I don’t want to watch instead of putting her on the one I do.

  • Tonya

    Amen to that Sam!

  • Jenn

    So long Rosie…your comments on how ‘on my show…’ are getting old and boring!

  • I guess when it comes to Rosie, there’s no middle ground – you either lover her or hate her. Personally I found her a jolt of energy to The View, and the only reason to watch.

  • Sharon

    The few times that I have watch Rosie on the view I was not thrilled at all. She overbearing at best and the other co-host seem to not want to step on her toes. You can see there is tension on the set. My mother and sister also have stopped watching since shes been on.

    I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

  • Robert Lucas

    My wife and I think that Rosie is the best. We love her very much and think that she is an awesome Actress. I am looking forward to seeing her on Nip Tuck. Although I don’t agree on all the comments posted, we are after all intitled to our opinion. So take care all God Bless
    Robert In Dawson Creek, BC Canada

  • Tori

    I wish Rosie and her loud mouth would just go away. Why is she even on tv or in movies? She is soo abrasive!