GILMORE GIRLS: And the Winner is…

Over the summer, the TV Addict had the opportunity to interview David Sutcliffe, better know in TV Land as Christopher on GILMORE GIRLS. In the interview, one of the questions that I never ended up including in the finished piece was who David thought would win in a fight between Luke and Christopher. Who knew I was such a visionary and that we’d actually get to see fisticuffs between the two men in Lorelai’s life. Here’s what David had to say:

I think if we were both on skates i could take him [David, being Canadian, is naturally a huge hockey fan!]. Flat footed, he’s quite a good boxer. Scott [Patterson] is a real athlete — He was in the Yankees farm system. He spent a season in Triple ‘A’ Ball. He was a very serious athelete. I’m a good athelete, but there’s a difference between a good athelete and someone who almost made it to the show!

While the fight ended in what spectators might consider a draw, this TV Addict declares Christopher the winner. Going into the fight, Luke was definitely the odds on favourite. Consider the facts: Luke wears a lumber jacket, he lifts heavy things all the time, likes camping and is known as the ‘diner guy’. In his entire life, the only thing Christopher’s ever had to lift is his cheque book. Christopher deserved the win for not only surviving the fight, but managing to get off a few punches as well.

Fisticuffs aside, I really enjoyed last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS. More specifically the part where Emily talked to Lorelai about her troubled marriage. For the first time in the series history, Emily Gilmore wasn’t talking down to Lorelai. She seemed genuinely worried about her daughter’s well being and offered up some practical and important advice (ie. you don’t have to win every fight!). Emily for once, wasn’t thinking about herself, or her family’s image — only what was best for Lorelai. It was a great moment, and will no doubt give Lorelai a lot to think about over the holidays.

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  • Mimi

    Uh I love you alot, but what episode were you watching? Luke mopped the floor with Chris. Ok more like landed some really good licks. I really liked this episode with the exception of how annoying Lorelai was through the episode. All of her whining and sarcasm became a pain in my butt. Just let your mom do something nice for you already. I realize it is a device by the writers to show her actual discomfort and problems with her marriage, but it became tiresome after a while. But Emily was soooo great. Her wisdom was so dead on that I might have tomake it into a plaque for me to remember when I get married. Rory’s scenes are still up in the air for me. I mean I understand why Logan had to reveal the truth (I mean come on, how long were they going to hide this?), but he actually seemed mean and insecure as well.

  • Mimi, I agree that Lorelai is looking incredibly juvenile the more this ‘Christopher charade’ continues.
    And frankly, Rory is following in her mother’s footsteps with the ridiculous Marty debacle

    Emily was incredible – that was definitely her Emmy Nomination Scene – not that the Emmy Voters show any love to Kelly Bishop ever!

    Finally, The fight was a draw, but as I mentioned above…. You expect Luke to win outright, so Christopher got a moral victory!

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Ok. I’m a total Luke & Lorelei addict. But seriously – I’m a little tired of the man-go-round. Pick a flavor and stick with it – get on with your life – you know the part where you are a working part of a couple, not just getting wooed all the time. I feel bad for Christopher. Yes he’s been a jerk but he owned up to it. He’s taking Lorelei at face value and unfortunately he should have looked a little deeper to see what was really going on with her. Enough on that I guess. I still want to see Luke & Lorelei together, I just feel bad for the inevitable Christopher-stomp. As for Rory. It was painful to watch – but she isn’t perfect and its nice to see her fail at something every now and then. She got sucked into the Marty thing and was too chicken to fess up earlier – now she has to deal with it and/or fix it. Where was Paris in this – she would have slapped the truth on Rory a lot harder than Logan did!!!

  • This was probably the best episode of the season. I loved Luke & Lorelai doting over Luke’s newborn baby niece as Christopher comes out of Doose’s market. I loved the fight between Luke & Christopher. No words, no provocation, just pure competitiveness over Lorelai. I loved that Emily was genuine & concerned. I actually did not hate Logan in this episode.

    Some of Lorelai’s dialogue was annoying as it’s been mentioned, but it’s been worse in past episodes. It seems to be worst when she’s talking with Chris. It’s one thing for them to have chemistry and skill at banter, but sometimes I just want them to shut up when they’re around each other. Lorelai’s phone conversations with Rory were much more classic Gilmore Girls.

    And, I’m totally on Luke’s side in regards to fighting for the right to see his daughter. It’s not like he wants or expects full custody. He doesn’t expect weekly visits with her living that far away. He just wants the right to discuss with Anna when he can visit April or her visit him. The fact that Anna doesn’t even consider it important to Luke or to April makes Anna a real b***h. Luke has the right to fight. The grimness of the lawyer’s speech to Luke felt out of place, yet oddly refreshing. A custody battle probably isn’t something you can sugar-coat even for a show that’s half comedy.

    Now we’ve got to have a season eight. It’ll take the rest of season seven to get Luke & Lorelai back together. Now we know we need to see them be a married couple with a baby. That’ll take at least one more year.

    Oh, and… Luke so won the fight. 😉

  • Common Sense

    TVA: It never occured to me until you said it, but that WAS a perfect scene for Emmy consideration. The entire episode was strong, so there’s no harm in submitting it. Let’s really beat the bandwagon for Kelly Bishop to be nominated. Good lord, this show winds up in critics’ and fans’ “top lists” every single year…and yet the Emmy voters act as though it’s non-existent. For once, let’s overcome the bias against The CW (WB) and urge “the A-cah-demy” to do the right thing. What?—isn’t veteran actress Kelly Bishop worth anything…when Hollywood’s doling out award noms to OLD actresses who speak 8 words in a movie…or (hilariously) to the black lady w/ the corny storyline on Desperate Lousewives??

  • I have to say this was another episode that just left me cold. It was ridiculous to think that Rory would rip Logan a new one for telling the truth. Rory’s behavior was unforgiveable, so for her to blame Logan? Ridiculous. And the testosterone fest at the end? Whatever. Just whip it out, measure and get it over with, guys. Lorelai’s been unreasonable with Christopher, and after all these years, wouldn’t Emily know better than to try and shove a wedding down her daughter’s throats? Shouldn’t these people learn, at least on occasion, from the mistakes of their past? I did, however, love Emily’s speech at the end… I just can’t help thinking that Amy Sherman-Palladino would never have let the show devolve into this mess…

  • Brittany

    Are you INSANE? Ok- Luke SOOO won! Christopher hardly made contact! That fight was incredible! Lorelai and Luke need to get over themselves and get married. Poor Chris though. He really tried. But alas, Luke and Lorelai are meant to be and EVERYONE knows it!