NEWSRADIO: The Perfect Lunch Break

If by 12 noon you’re desperate for a lunch break and some laughter at the same time, may I recommend NEWSRADIO. The brilliant and under-appreciated office place sitcom is now airing on TBS weekdays at 12 noon (EST). The show features an all-star ensemble including Phil Hartman, Dave Foley, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Stephen Root, Khandi Alexander and Vicki Lewis — and will definitely brighten up your dreary work day.

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  • tcgc

    Like most people have tv’s in their cubicles…lol. Enjoy.

  • Not to mention… it’s on every weekend on the channel that used to be Prime (TVTropolis is a horrible name for anything), and you can get Season 1 and 2 for less than $20.00 at Wal-Mart

  • Common Sense

    IMO, Newsradio is truly one of the funniest sitcoms produced In the last two decades. It’s a shame it never got the respect or notoriety it deserved, because people said it didn’t have a “star.” Total baloney. It’s a perfect ensemble cast, where everyone is hilarious…esp. Andy, Root, and the great Phil Hartman. Why this show has never found success in syndication is SO BEYOND ME. Show me ONE comedy series on TV today that boasts the all-star cast of Newsradio. It’s a true gem.

  • Mimi

    Common Sense and TVaddict,
    you guys are so right about Newsradio! I remember when I first began watching it in syndication and thinking “Why didn’t this become a hit?” Phil Hartman’s role was so funny and obnoxious. It was a classy version of John Laroquette’s character on Night Court. The whole cast was brillant and hilarious. You know, I might have to buy the box set.