UGLY BETTY to get Hotter

According to Variety, the ‘hot’ quotient on UGLY BETTY has just been kicked up a notch! Rebecca Romijn has just inked a deal to become a series regular on the show. She’ll be playing the mysterious woman who’s been on the other end of those incessant phone calles with Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams).

Romijn is expected to begin work on Monday. Her first episode should air in time for the February sweeps. Looks like ABC is pulling out all the stops to ensure that one of their only freshman hits remains just that.

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  • Rebecca Romijn to play Fey? I would have expected someone older.

  • Mimi

    I agree w/you Todd. The character was always portrayed as someone who was Daniel’s dad’s age. It’s kind of weird. But…Rebecca is fabulous. I think this is going to be an interesting addition. BTW, Just saw the rerun of the pilot episode. Fabulous again. I really love this show and that it makes me feel good at the end of the show.