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the lost room

By answering the simple question “What if?”, the Sci Fi channel has provided fans of the genre with some of the best programming available. From the late, lamented FARSCAPE current fan favorite BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, the network once known as the home of endless CROSSING OVER reruns has established itself as a front-runner in the realm of intelligent, thought-provoking shows which, to paraphrase STAR TREK, go where no network has gone before.

So it should surprise no one that the network has taken such everyday objects as a comb, pen, clock and motel room key and made them the centerpieces of THE LOST ROOM, an intriguing miniseries premiering Monday, December 11 at 9 pm/ET. Starring SIX FEET UNDER’s Peter Krause, the three-night event starts with the most basic and relatable of premises as an ordinary man is thrust into extraordinary circumstances after coming into possession of a key which unlocks any door… as well as more than a little trouble.

Before long, Krause’s Joe Miller is forced to go from skeptic to believer when his daughter (played by Elle Fanning, kid sister of Dakota) wanders into the mysterious misplaced title room and vanishes. The search for his MIA daughter takes Miller on a near mythical journey centered on the mysterious events which unfolded at a motel over 40 years ago and the everyday objects once found there which are now scattered around the globe and have somehow become imbued with unusual powers. Some, like the teleporting key, are incredibly powerful, while others (such as a watch that will hard boil an egg) seem, at first glance, impractical at best. But any or all of the objects could play an important role in reuniting father and daughter.

Along the way, Miller crosses paths with a rogues gallery of players, including an object-seeking beauty (ER’s Julianna Margulies), an object-collecting tycoon (Kevin Pollak) and an object-tracking dry cleaner (Margaret Cho). Throw in a couple fanatical groups with their own theory as to the significance of the various objects and you’ve got enough plot twists to keep the story moving right along.

Krause, whose UNDER mortician was dour at best, gets to show a much lighter side here, while Fanning proves herself a credible threat to her sibling’s position atop the child actor hierarchy.

By the fifth or sixth time we are told that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of power-bearing objects floating around out there, one can’t help but get the feeling that the entire miniseries might well be the set-up for a future series. As the network only provided screeners of two of the three nights, it is unclear as to whether or not Miller’s quest will lead to a satisfying resolution. But for those who insist they want everything resolved before the final night’s credits roll, let us not forget that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA also began as a limited-run miniseries. THE LOST ROOM is a thrilling ride sure to leave viewers wanting more. And with a little luck, they just might get it.

Check back on Monday for an interview with LOST ROOM star Peter Krause

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  • Jenny

    The hubby & I can’t wait for this one!

    Remember that The 4400 started off as a 3 or 5 night miniseries that then got turned into a full series as well. 😀

  • Bob Stanley

    The Lost Room is fantastic, just really good, quality television that probably should have been on the big screen first. TLR manages to capture and enthral without shock, gratuitous sex, graphic violence, etc. It’s Stephen King meets the Twilight Zone, very original, great characters and casting, endless possiblities for story lines and sub plots, just terrific. I can’t wait to buy the DVD and really hope it becomes a series.