SCRUBS: Lots of Babies

Call me crazy, but didn’t Turk already have his hand stuck in a vending machine a few season’s back? That little plot device aside, I thought last night’s episode of SCRUBS was brilliant as usual. The marching band taking Carla to the hospital (future husbands take note!), Nurse Roberts and her Jesus statue, J.D. and Kim talking so casually about abortion (odd but funny) and of course Dr. Cox being so honest with his son Jack (“Gin is an alcoholic beverage which, if your mommy’s strong genes are any indication, you’ll eventually learn to love as it slowly destroys a large portion of your adult life”). The episode was filled with hilarious and touching moments.

While I’m not surprised that J.D. and Kim have decided to have the baby, I’m curious as to how this whole baby plot will turn out. After-all, I’m pretty sure Kim isn’t a ‘regular’ on SCRUBS, necessitating an eventual exit from Sacred Heart.

NBC is on a roll with final moment emotional scenes (following STUDIO 60’s brilliant final moments on Monday). Turk breaking free from the ice machine and putting his cold hand on a warm Carla’s forehead — how nice was that? And when Turk brought out his new baby for the entire waiting room to see — that was such a nice moment (someone please feel free to upload it on YouTube and email me!). I love how SCRUBS always does a fantastic job of including its brilliant supporting cast. Janitor, Dr. Kelso, Keith, Ted… they were all there clapping for Turk.

Finally, if you’re wondering what song was played during the middle of last night’s episode — wonder no more. You can preview and download it by clicking the link below.

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  • becky

    I loved the episode! It was so good, I love how Turk keeps getting his arms stuck in things, weird character trait, but really funny! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Frank

    I was honestly shocked about thecasual abortion talk. You dont see that on tv all that often. It was refreshing to see an actual real life issue couples face when surprised with a baby. Good Job Scrubs.

  • I’ve always found that SCRUBS deals with sensitive issues, ie. drug abuse, marriage, race very well. The ‘frank’ discussion about abortion was refreshing and very well handeled on the show.

  • Why don’t I like this show? Why don’t I watch it? I have no clue. I will say, however, that I just finished watching the much-touted Studio 60 Christmas Show and… well, I have to say that it sort of reminded me of the Broadway show Mama Mia! “What the hell are you talking about?” I hear you saying. And here’s what I mean: Mama Mia is a terrible, horrible, awful, no-good, very bad musical… but as if to compensate for that, the actors all come out on stage and get you up out of your seats to sing and dance for ten minutes once the show is over so that you walk out saying, “man, that was fun” and completely forgetting how awful the show itself was.

    That’s how I felt about this episode of Studio, which, by the way, I normally worship. Yes, the end was emotional and powerful and I’ll be damned if I didn’t cry on cue when the New Orleans band began playing. But the first 45 minutes of the show were just awful! Jordan finds out she’s pregnant and suddenly starts dressing like a houfrau and eating everything in sight? Maybe if they’d had her pigging out in previous episodes it wouldn’t have seemed so ridiculous. Plus, are we really supposed to believe that a smart mover and shaker like Jordan would ALLOW herself to get pregnant at so crucial a time in her life? Then she sits in on the big meeting only to make a fool of herself over the desserts?

    the producer is so stupid as to try and crack a coconut by hurtling it at the table and causing it to break? Did I laugh? Yup. But was it even close to being realistic? Nope. And coconut… really? Come on. Was their warehouse the ONLY place to get fake snow? Let’s think for just a moment about the cost of buyng all those coconuts and THEN having everyone sit around cracking and shaving them while on the company dime. And are we really to believe that the guy couldn’t see that Santa was doing the Heil Hitler move?

    Studio 60 is one of the smartest, best-written and acted shows on the air today. But that episode – which received oh-so-much praise – was filled with lameness. They did, however, give Ed Asner one of the best speeches in recent TV history, so I can forgive a lot…

  • I had been wondering about this, and now I know. Abortions are okay for non-raped adult women on regular television, but only in flashbacks.

    I’d originally been more cynical; I thought they were going to have Kim essentially get hit by a bus and solve the problem for J.D. without addressing it. As it stands, they ended up indulging in enough aww-babies glurge to properly sate the fundies.

  • WestCoastPat

    I didn’t really notice the casual abortion talk, because as soon as they brought up the option I knew they were going to have the baby. Ooooooooooo, the had the guts to talk about it.

    Don’t get me wrong, Scrubs is one of my favorite shows on TV, but I guess i just didn’t find that aspect very impressive or interesting.